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The gallery – body parts!

So the gallery is back following a New Year break and Tara has set what is no doubt going to be a very amusing prompt; body parts. Of course a certain filter needs to be applied here in choosing a photo, I’m sure I have some from stag weekends that contain body parts…. Anyway here’s 2 photos’ from me, strangely enough both of my feet, I don’t have an obsession or strange fetish, just the 2 that sprang to mind. I warn you though; the second photo is a little gruesome. 

Firstly, as some of you may know I’m a bit crazy and run to work every day; it’s about 3 miles each way from the train station to the office and despite the ‘extreme’ weather (i.e. it was cold) I haven’t wimped out of running yet. It did get a little interesting as the snow got compacted and turned to ice, in fact on more than one occasion I did some impressive ballet pirouettes and also a couple of one foot slides. I also on the whole wore shorts to run in, which is fine for the running bit, but as soon as you stand at the station for more than 2 minutes you start to shiver uncontrollably. Anyway, I tweeted this at the time, but here’s the evidence of me in my shorts and running stuff in the snow!

My second contribution is the worst injury I sustained in almost 20 years of playing rugby. So pretty good really considering some of the injuries my friends had; but painful none the less. This believe it or not is ‘just’ a sprained ankle! I went over on it when tackling someone and the joint dislocated slightly. Our physio took great pleasure in clicking it back into place and by the end of the day I could barely walk on it. It took me about 2 months before I could even start running again!


  1. Wow…I’m impressed at the snow running. Surely someone must have a video of the icy pirouettes?

  2. Ahhh did you really go for a run, or just nip outside for 1 min to take the pic??!! 😉 Gosh that injury looks so sore….

  3. Wow, you’re hardcore.

    And ewww, that bruising! I bet that went a lovely shade of yellow and green after the purple.

  4. Ouch!!! Can imagine the pain of physio there. Running in the snow…you put me to shame

  5. Some wonderful shades of purple there!

  6. Nasty! I hope all the pain is worth it 🙂

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