Last Friday was World Photography Day so in celebration Tara has set us this as the prompt for the Gallery. In my mind a good photograph is all about capturing a moment and being able to communicate what that moment felt like to whoever views your photo’s. I don’t think it even needs to be the most technically perfect photo, often some of the best photo’s aren’t the ones someone has spent hours planning and preparing for. Instead spotting a unique moment and capturing that split second in time, one that will never be repeated again is an amazing skill in itself.

I don’t profess to be even remotely an expert in taking photo’s, but I do have a DSLR and I do love taking photo’s and trying to learn how to change the settings to best capture what my eyes are seeing. With the arrival of Matilda the camera has had a lot of use and at the weekend I had a perfect opportunity to take some more photo’s. Matilda is at that stage where she wants to sit up but isn’t yet able to by herself. So we borrowed a Bumbo off my brother and she was in love from the first second and couldn’t stop grinning to herself.

I tried playing with the settings on the second photo and using Aperture priority m, it gives a warmer feeling to the photo but I couldn’t get it quite right to not then blur when she moves. Whenever she smiles she also waves her hands around so challenging!