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Dad’s gone to Iceland

No I’m not talking about that temple of all things frozen frequented by Kerry Katona, I’m talking about the actual country. You see I’m attending the wedding of a friend who I grew up with (who is actually Icelandic, its not the latest foreign venue of choice). More significantly I’m attending on my own, we did think about taking Matilda but flights are pretty expensive and she is only 8 weeks old.

This is going to be my first nights away since she was born and to be honest not really something I’m looking forward to. In a normal week I don’t get to see much of her as I leave for work at 7am and get home at 6.30pm when she is in bed. So the weekends are precious to me and a chance to spend some quality time as a family. She is so awake and happy first thing in the morning and at the weekends I can actually spend some time playing with her.

I’ll miss her little smile with her tongue sticking out and how she sleeps on her back with her arms above her head. I may even miss changing nappies! The lady of the manor will be fine of course, she’s a complete natural at the whole being a mum thing. Plus she’ll have her mum there to help if needed. No doubt the trip is going to cost me though, I’m sure presents will get mentioned at some point….

Being a dad is more amazing that I ever thought and I don’t want to miss a second. Saying goodbye to my girls in the morning is just horrible, but unfortunately unless we win the lottery not going to work really isn’t an option is it? Not sure what the solution is here, but something has to change in the next year, I don’t want to miss Matilda growing up and all those ‘firsts’.

The grass isn’t always greener

Following the posting of  my first blog last week I was excited, I had arrived, all I had to do was tweet it a few times and watch the 100’s (1000’s even) of visitors and comments appear, right? Wrong! So I tweeted some more until at least 3 people had read it and given me feedback. That initial buzz of writing was left firmly behind at the doorway to the temple of appreciation as I pimped my blog where ever I could. This strange, desperate behavior really made me stop and think about why I wanted to blog/write in the first place.

Psycho babble

As a ‘results orientated’ person (so psychometric tests tell me) I need a target or objective to motivate myself. This is true in work and also play, I love running but have to have a race or event to target otherwise I’ll choose TV and a glass of wine over a run. At the weekends I drive my wife crazy with a ‘to do list’ that I need to complete rather than just chilling out. Therefore, for now at least, the objective is to simply write and develop my style. Plus try to connect to fellow bloggers and start to learn about this murky cyber world.

Generation Y

So if this is the objective why am I craving recognition and acceptance of my blog? Why am I desperately checking the stats to see how many visitors I’ve had? Sometimes I think we just get too caught up in the search for happiness when if we just stop it’s there right in front of you. I’m part of the so called generation Y, a career for life is no longer important. Yes we want to do an interesting job with a reasonable salary, but we won’t work 12 hour days in the office just to rise up the corporate ladder. Instead we treasure a work life balance and having satisfaction at home also.

In reality…

I’ve been trying to keep this in mind each day; rather than dreaming and hoping for a better future with more ‘stuff’ e.g. bigger house, better car, new TV etc etc I stop and look at what I have and be happy. It’s not easy mind, the advertisers and TV producers know what they are doing and how to push your buttons. It’s all too easy to think you can buy the life that you want, my credit card shows that I’ve been guilty of this more than once! But now each time I find myself lusting after something new I ask myself do I really need it? Is it a necessity? Is it going to make a difference to my life? If the answer is no to any of these, then leave it, go and spend the money on something that is important.

The good life

Now don’t think for one second I’m suggesting we all start living like Tom and Barbara with no luxuries and only eating what we can grow! But I truly believe if we spend a little more time enjoying what we have and spend our money on romantic dinners, family holidays and wine to share with friends we’ll end up with great memories and happiness  rather than a house full of stuff that stops being used a month after its purchased.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

I think this sums it up pretty well; a Sunday paper, sunshine, cold drink, dog playing in the garden, wife relaxing…. perfick