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The definition of happiness

10 years ago today I stood up in front of family and friends and said ‘I do’ to the lady of the manor, 10 years! 10 whole years that feel like just yesterday but also a lifetime ago. In my wedding day speech I said that happiness was marrying your best friend and I feel very privileged to be able to call this incredbile woman my best friend. It’s incredible to think that what started out as teenage lust and a snog at a house party all those years ago has turned into this wonderful marriage. Where even in our normal sleep deprived state we laugh together and that lust is definitely still there, stronger than ever (hence 3 children under 4!).

tipping 114

An awful  lot has happened in the last 10 years and when I look back at our wedding photos it would appear I’ve aged at least 20 years while the lady of the manor barely looks any different. It hasn’t always been easy, we’ve been through some real low points that have pushed us to the brink, but also some amazing highs not least the arrival of these 3 crazy little things that seem to follow us around. However no matter what I know that we make the perfect team and will get through anything together.

Drinks 34 - A+B by car 5

This year as you all know has been one of the toughest and we almost didn’t celebrate this occasion because it didn’t feel right doing it without Nanna. But we decided that she would have wanted us to be happy and spend the day with the family that were so important to her. So on Sunday after weeks of preying to the weather gods we had a garden party at home in glorious sunshine with cake and fizz on the menu. You have honestly never seen so many mouth watering cakes in one place, all made by friends or family and almost all eaten before the day was out. It was such a perfect way to mark the occasion, surrounded by friends and family, drinking the same Prosecco we had on our wedding day.

 Family photo at anniversary party

We feel very blessed this week knowing that we have these amazing people around us to help us through the tough times giving us the support we need, but who are also there to celebrate the good times with us. I’m not the most social of people, I don’t have masses of friends but the ones I do have I value highly and they mean a lot to me. This week I’m reminding myself of their importance to me and in particular this amazing woman next to me who is my best friend.

With that I raise my glass to love and friendship and to Alex who I love now, forever and always.

P.S. this also means I can now tick another thing off my Bucket List!


Dear Lady of the manor….happy anniversay

Dear Lady of the manor,

Anniversary cardsWho would have thought when we had that first snog (and yes it was a snog, we were teenagers) 14 years ago that we’d be here celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.

What is even more amazing is when we house (and dog) sat for friends of your parents in 2001 and spent hours talking about how we’d like a house in the country like that with dogs and children we never knew we’d end up living 1/2 a mile up the road! Yet here we are with our close to perfect house in the country, 2 gorgeous little children and a crazy springer spaniel.

Not only that we are, for now at least, realising our dream for you to be a stay at home mum. We’ve been through a lot to get here, but we’ve worked hard and more importantly worked as a team. Matilda and Henry have definitely tested that team work at times but whenever we’re apart it’s absolutely clear that we have achieved what we have because of each other.

It’s easy to forget the ‘us’ in this relationship now we have 2 little people to think about, but the spark is always there, it never goes out. Your kisses can still send tingles down my spine, a waft of Clinque Happy gets my heart beating faster and a flash of your smile with a glint in your takes me right back to the day we met.

I love that day by day we are creating our own stories and history, I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

Happy anniversary my beautiful girl.


The Fool

tipping 114

Dear Lady of the Manor

Dear Lady of the Manor,

You know I love you, I always will, my minds made up by the way I feel, there’s… Oh someone’s done that one already haven’t they? Ok, how about this then?

Who’d have thought when we started dating 13 years ago as teenagers that this is where the relationship would take us. That at such a young age we could have found the one. We’re always laughing together (even if it’s often you laughing AT me) and dreaming about living in a big house in the country.

You make me so happy, my life makes sense with you and it feels so odd when we’re apart. We are so much more together than on our own, an unstoppable team that can do anything. We have been through so much since we first got together and achieved so much. Always there for each other, supporting each others dreams no matter what they are.

We now have the perfect little family in the Victorian house we always wanted. Quite honestly I don’t think I could be any happier than I am now. This past 2 years since Matilda was born you have been incredible, raising 2 amazing children, always patient and excited to play with them no matter how worn out you are.

So now, 7 years to the day since you did me the great honour of becoming my wife I just wanted to tell you that I love you now, always and forever. 

The Fool