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Lazy boys and clever girls

We’re in an interesting development phase with Matilda and Henry at the moment, one that has you laughing and smiling one minute and then tearing your hair out the next.

2 weeks ago Henry took his first steps, amazing almost exactly a year since Matilda did the same which means he’s about a month ahead of her in doing it. He had of course been threatening it for a while cruising around as most kids do but finally he decided to be brave and let go. I think that moment when they first realise they can walk has to be my no.2 moment as a parent after the birth itself. I just love the look on their faces and excitement at moving in a different way.

However since then he only really takes any steps if we ‘make’ him walk between us or something. The rest of the time he drops to his knees and crawls, I’m sure because he knows he is a speedy crawler so why bother trying to walk? I really want him to get it though as there is already signs him and Matilda will be able to play together easier if he can.

We chose to have children close together so that hopefully they’d then be able to play well together being reasonably similar ages. When Matilda and Henry play nicely it’s so lovely, they chase around the house with him on his trucker and her pushing her pushchair, or they play in the bath pouring water into pots. You can’t help but smile and feel your heart melting as she helps him do something.

Matilda and Henry feeding Bracken

Even if helping him do something is feed Bracken his second breakfast or how to climb up onto the windowsill…..

But and it’s often a big but, there are also the moments when it appears their only method of communicating is screaming at each other. Mainly when Henry is trying to get something Matilda doesn’t want to share. Like all her stuff. I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing and how it winds her up. We’re hoping that once he’s walking and also talking a bit that they might be able to work things out a bit better.

However it’s not just the not sharing that can be an issue, Matilda is definitely an intelligent little girl and has become quite devious at times. Like giving Henry her china plate at meal times knowing full well we don’t want him to have it and he’ll likely throw it on the floor. I’m sure this is just a period of testing boundaries as she gets that bit older and understands more and there is only so much you can do to keep her occupied when you have 2 to look after.

Now of course the lady of the manor bears the brunt of all this which makes my now 7 minute commute oh so useful to dash home early when she’s had a tough day. Means I can entertain the little monsters for an hour while she gets dinner ready.

All tips for dealing with the terrible two’s much appreciated….

The no game

It seems I am not alone in playing this game, I was chatting this morning with @motherscuffer, @f8andbethere and @The_iDad and the consensus was that even at the age of 1 children know how to test you.

Now I fully expected this from teenagers, I’d prepared myself for that, but a 1 year old? No one mentions that at NCT classes do they?! Most of the day Matilda is an absolute delight to be around, she is chatty, funny, loves interacting and exploring and laughs all day long. But every so often she flips into this stroppy little girl who has a tantrum when you do something she doesn’t like. She also likes to test you to see how naughty she can be, these moments go a little something like this:

Matilda: ooh look a washing machine and the coast is clear, I know where I’m going, quick look back, no dad is tweeting again he won’t notice *evil cackle* (this is her thoughts by the way, she’s not THAT clever)

Me:(spotting where she is heading) Matilda, no

Matilda: yeah whatever dad *evil cackle*

Me: (Slightly sterner) Matilda, no

Matilda: Catch me if you can loser *evil cackle*

Me: (getting up) Matilda, I said no

Matilda: one last push and I’m there *evil cackle*

Me: (picking Matilda up) No Matilda, leave the washing machine alone

Matilda: That ain’t going to stop me daddio, I’m like the terminator, I’ll be back *evil cackle*

Now repeat that for 15 minutes and you’ll get an idea of my day yesterday. Anyone else get this from such a young age? Do we just stay consistent and hope it improves or is this the start of her career as a master criminal?

P.S. She really does have a little evil cackle when she know’s she’s being naughty