It’s been a while since I did a post for the Recipe Shed and amazingly this time I actually managed to take a photo before I ate it! The theme this week is flavours of the sea, I really love sea food but until recently I had got out of the habit of eating it. Mainly because we get out shopping from Ocado and the fish isn’t that great and fish really does need to be very fresh. However as I wrote for October’s food heroes we recently discoveredĀ a new farm shop near by that has an awesome fish counter. I mean truly awesome. It is run by one of the guys that established the FishWorks chain and is mightily impressive, they also run a cooking school which I may persuade the lady of the manor to send me on as a present at some point.

On our first visit there we bought some monster line caught squid and just had them in a simple stir fry with veg. But the recipe I wanted to share with you is actually one from the My Daddy Cooks book, written by Nick Coffer based on his experience of cooking with his son Archie. I really like this book for everyday cooking because the recipes are designed to be quick to do so a child won’t get bored, which pretty much matches my attention span. The recipe is for a prawn curry and while I don’t want to re-produce the whole recipe here (I did check but no link on his website either), its your typical Thai style curry with coconut milk, onion, some chilli’s and my personal adaptation the addition of some Lime juice to break up the creamy flavour a little.

Anyway here it is in all it’s glory and I strongly encourage you to check out Nick’s website and his video recipes starring Archie.