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The Gallery – Two

The lady of the manor and I always knew that we wanted children and specifically more than one. While we may still be in negotiation about exactly how many children to have we do both agree that we liked the idea of them being close in age. There are 13 months between Henry and Matilda which has certainly been tough at times, not least for the lady of the manor who was heavily pregnant and dealing with a not yet walking Matilda.

But now we’re starting to see that it was worth that hard work, with Henry almost walking the 2 of them are really starting to interact and play together. They chase each other around the house or up the steps of the slide. They splash each other in the bath and laugh hysterically when the other does something funny.

I can see us having an awful lot of fun this summer once Henry figures out the walking thing properly and begins to talk a bit. Which is why I’m so thankful we moved house and I can get home to do the simple things like read a story to my 2 crazy children in the garden on a beautiful summers evening.

Ben reading to Henry and Matilda

The Gallery – Drink

Cup of tea in the garden



My neighbours now officially think I’m odd, within the space of a few hours they saw me cycling around my garden like some sort of big kid and then taking lots of photos of a half drunk cup of tea. I have no doubt they are looking up the phone number for the local psychiatric hospital as we speak.

It probably didn’t help that my explanation for cycling around the garden was that I was testing my new bike and more importantly shoes for a race where I’m doing 105 miles of running, cycling and kayaking in one day. The look on their face said “ooookkkk, what sort of weirdo does that sort of thing”. That would be me then.

Crazy? Most probably.

But practise was needed, this is the first time I’ve owned a road bike and the sure to make you look like an idiot clipless pedals that come with them. I managed to go around the garden without falling over but we shall see what happens when I really do need to stop suddenly. Of course this is thirsty work and with the glorious weather of the weekend a tasty cup of lady grey hit the spot perfectly.

Now where did I put my extra padded lycra shorts?

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Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

It seems that a few days of sunshine was all that mother nature needed to jump start the new growth for the year. Seemingly in the blink of an eye the trees have gone from bare brown to glorious green, bursting with life and colour. The start of having the patio doors wide open and the feeling of grass between your toes.

This is also a time when you’ll find me taking photos of pretty much anything, all that natural light is just irresistible. Which is why I found myself lying flat on the grass yesterday trying to take photos of daisies. A pretty normal activity right? Then later on I had a play around with shutter speeds after reading A party of seven’s blog, trying to capture Matilda’s hair blowing around. Great fun learning how to use your camera more and just take lots of photos.



Matilda with wheelbarrow

Henry standing at chair


A cold and frosty morning

I’m linking this post up for this weeks Gallery where the prompt is colours which I think sums up pretty damn well the theme of all these photos. You can see all the other entries over on the Sticky Fingers blog by clicking here.

Mornings like today are amongst the best things about living in England; crisp, cold and stunningly beautiful. So it’s no surprise that I headed out armed with my camera on this mornings dog walk. Bracken loves these kind of walks as he gets extra time to run around and sniff everything as I search for that elusive perfect shot.

Not always easy taking photos in these light conditions but an awful lot of fun trying, even if Bracken drove me mental not staying where I asked him to!

The Gallery – Fitness

Anyone that follows me on twitter will know how much of a running addict I am and how generally I am out most mornings at 6am running with the hound. The first step out of a cosy warm bed is tough, more so when it’s dark and cold, but with every step you take away from the house you become more relaxed and excited to be out in the silent town or city.

That hour before the place really wakes up is just great, I love hearing just the sound of my feet hitting the ground and my panting for breath. I very rarely run with any music preferring to drink in the environment instead and just have some thinking time. If you are ever training for a long race I can thoroughly recommend imagining what you would spend a lottery win on, it can keep you busy for ages and the run flies past!

I do of course always have my trusty training partner with me, who ever so easily trots past me when I think I’m running at a decent pace and never seems to tire. He is a handsome chap though so I don’t mind too much.

But running for me is not just about keeping fit it’s the enjoyment of being outside and seeing things you just don’t notice from a car. That’s why if you look at my Instagram feed many of the photos are from runs, trying to capture those moments where the morning light is just perfect. Below are a few of my favourite shots from the past few months, all taken with a couple of miles of home.

The Gallery – Sky

My Instagram feed for the last few weeks has been mainly filled with photos tagged with #skyporn, #cloudporn and #foodporn which judging by Tara’s gallery topic this week is very similar to hers. However when I went looking for photos of the sky I realised that I have already used most of them in blog posts. You may notice a bit of a recurring theme here but I love sunrises, potentially more than sunsets. In either case the beginning and end of the day are great moments and also great times to take photos.

But I do have a couple I don’t think I’ve used before and if I have then they are clearly just so good they need using again! The first is from a business trip earlier in the year, we found ourselves with time to kill in Paris after a meeting finished early so did what every person should do and headed for the Eiffel Tower. A pretty perfect spring day to visit as well.


My second photo is from our New Zealand trip last year, some breathtaking scenery and perfect clear skies to go with it. This is one of my favourite photos from the trip, it’s in Greymouth and the beach was right next to our pitch on the campsite. If you’d like to see a few more from that trip then just click here.

The Gallery – emotion

This photo is full of emotions, there is Bracken thrilled at being free to roam and dive in streams. Free to sniff all the amazing smells and chase everything that moves. Then there is my emotion; contentment, drinking in the early morning sun, the peace and quiet that precedes another busy day. That perfect time before the hustle and bustle starts and we go about our daily activities, just another day of the week.

We both love this time but for different reasons. It may be tough getting out of bed at 5.45am everyday but on mornings like this it’s worth every second.

This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, do pop over and see the rest of the entries.

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