The lady of the manor didn’t manage to get out with the hound today as the weather was what could be best described as damp. So being the amazing husband that I am I decided to take him out for a ‘quick’ 5 mile run along the canal when I got home.

Now it may sound a bit weird but I actually really enjoy running in the dark, it’s deadly quiet and really focuses your mind as you concentrate on what the ground is like ahead of you. The stretch along the canal is pitch black with no street lights for almost 2 miles which means that Bracken can be off the lead running around for a good period.

So there we were happily plodding along (me not him, he was flying around at 100mph) enjoying the peace and quiet when the light of my head torch picked up 2 eyes looking at me on the path ahead.

Shit, what’s that, is it a fox? Shit, Bracken come her. 

I don’t think Bracken and foxes will get on. Shit. And I’m a long way from any help.

Wait, no that’s not a fox it’s too big. Shit, it’s an Alsatian. BRACKEN COME HERE

Oh god, don’t go up to him, he’s probably not going to like a bouncer springer. Shit.

Ok, he’s going up to him, please be a nice dog, please be a nice dog.

They’re playing, ok, maybe it’s ok.

I’m not sure who was more surprised, the guy fishing with his Alsatian seeing a crazy guy running or me meeting an Alsatian in the middle of the path. But actually he was a really nice dog and I had to drag Bracken away from playing with him.

Oh and in case you’re interested here’s what the intrepid explorers looked like.