The kitchen is my favourite room in the house, it’s the place everyone congregates to drink tea and chat. It’s the warmest room on a cold autumn day once you put the oven on, it’s the place to be sociable, to gossip and to celebrate. Our kitchen in this house is good, not great, but pretty good. It was the room that sold the house to us, the one room in this old house that we have had to do nothing to since we moved in. It has fabulous free standing units, a big high Victorian ceiling, beautiful wooden worktops and a lovely deep Belfast style sink.

But it’s not the dream kitchen, the one that we’ll have in our forever house, the one with an Aga and a big table, with a flagstone floor and a pantry, with a sink that overlooks the garden and a big island with a cold worktop for making pastry on. Where our children and grand children will love to spend time cooking a baking and where the best roast dinners in the world will be served. But not yet, for now we will keep dreaming and keep enjoying what we have.