The lyric isĀ from one of my favourite Paul Weller songs, which brings back many happy memories of when I was courting the current lady of the manor. By courting I of course mean snogging in my bedroom age 18, but courting sounds so much more romantic.

But it’s also a question that I’ve found myself asking tonight, perhaps it’s the first clear night for a good while, or maybe it’s the beautiful big moon that is showing tonight. Whatever it is, it is definitely at least in part inspired by Cosmic Girlies photoblog where I’ve been lurking for a while. If you like taking photo’s and want some easy to follow instructions on taking photo’s then check it out. I’ve been looking at all the settings on my fancy DSLR for a while and figured it was time to get out of auto mode, so inspired by Cosmic Girlie I’ve been giving it a go. So here in all it’s glory is my attempt at a moon photo: