In my continuing attempts to learn how to use my camera properly I seized the opportunity of a snowy dog walk this morning to try and take a few snaps. It’s actually surprising how hard it is taking photo’s in the snow, when it was overcast as it was today they can end up looking a little washed out.

After a bit of playing with the settings I selected the lowest f-stop possible (6.3) and then realised that I also needed a low ISO to let all that light in. I’m still struggling with closer up shots, not sure if it’s showing the limitation of the lens or me not quite getting the settings right. I also made a few small adjustments in Picassa before uploading here.

Appreciate any thoughts/inputs. Particularly tips for shooting in the snow. I really like the first one, not entirely sure why, maybe because of the contrast with the red brick? The second is tractor prints in the soil that looked pretty cool with the snow on them, you could almost imagine them to bit mountains. The one of Bracken is there purely because I think he’s a handsome chat and he was like a crazy puppy in the snow. Oh and in some of the photos I took he was like a stealth dog that you could only see because of his ears!