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Me and Mine March

Me and mine March

What better time to my me and mine post than a Sunday evening after a gloriously sunny Mothers day? We’ve spent most of the day outside with friends at a farm feeding baby animals, playing on swings and generally having fun as a family. Something to be said for simple family activities like that and certainly my 2 are much happier running around a farm than any theme park.

You’ll notice that Matilda is doing her best cheeeeese face and Henry is of course not looking at the camera as normal, although he was a little knackered by this point. But for once we didn’t have to rely on a tripod for the photo as with much pain on my part I handed over control of the photo taking to the friends that were with us.

This month it feels like I have mainly had a cold which thankfully seems to be finally shifting today just in time for next weekends marathon (eeek!). I also spent a week in Morocco for work which really wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, I’m thankful that my new job is going to involve a lot less travel. Hate going away from my little crew too often.

The lady of the manor has been enjoying the first signs of spring and being able to get her toes out again, it’s at this point I remember exactly how many pairs of Birkenstocks she has. She’s also begun planning for birthday party season in our family with me, Matilda and Henry all celebrating birthdays in the next 2 months not to mention 4 other family birthdays!

Henry has decided that 5am is the new 6am which has led to caffeine being a precious commodity in our house. Him and Matilda are also slowly starting to learn to play properly together and have hilarious chats with each other in what often sounds like a different language.

Matilda has been constantly hungry and comes wandering up to you at least every 30 minutes asking when lunch is or moaning that she’s hungry. Can only assume she’s having a growth spurt as despite all that eating there still isn’t even a millimetre of fat on her. I’m sure one day all that food will have kicked in and she’ll wake up 6 inches taller.

dear beautiful

A boy and his tutu

Henry: Daddy? 

Me: Yes buddy

Henry: *points at tutu* me like. Fun.

There you have it, tutu’s summed up perfectly in 3 simple words. My little boy is growing up, he’s becoming a complete chatterbox and even more of an adventurer (hence the bruise). But he also thinks running around wearing a tutu is the best thing ever and I love him for that.

Such a smiley boy with the cheekiest of grins and always asking for ‘cuggles’. Who can say no to those cheeky chops? Even if what he really wants is for you to take him down the garden to look at the cows in the field. He has my temperament; generally happy and easy going but oh so stubborn, there is no bargaining with him at meal times to eat things.

Now I wonder if they make adult sized tutu’s…..

Henry in a tutu

Henry smiling outside play house

Henry in swing

Henry watching the cows

The Gallery – Morning

This is what mornings look like in our house, you might sense a theme. During the week I normally creep through a dark and quiet house at 5.50am to take Bracken for a run, inevitably returning home to Henry running around the house while the lady of the manor cuddles a cup of tea. Then daddy is in charge, just the boys downstairs (Bracken included of course) eating breakfast and listening to the radio.

The weekends are a bit different though, no alarm is set for me but who needs it when Henry decides 5.15am on a Saturday is the perfect time to wake up? So once again it becomes just the boys downstairs while the girls get their beauty sleep. Matilda is the complete opposite of Henry and will happily sleep past 8am if given a chance. But I don’t mind, I quite like the time with my boys and Henry is on such good form at that time of the morning that you are guaranteed to be smiling within 5 minutes no matter what mood you wake up in.

I’m linking up this week with the Gallery, you can find all the rest of this weeks entries here.

No don’t climb on that

Henry sat on tableHenry is a climber.

He is a talented climber.

In fact I think if you put him in front of a climbing wall he would quite happily climb to the top with no ropes giggling and laughing to himself as he did it, occasionally turning around to check that we are watching him.

We first discovered his talents for climbing when we found him sitting on the windowsill in the lounge having climbed onto the sofa, then onto the coffee table and finally onto the windowsill.

We were alerted to the fact that he had done this because he had climbed up there to reach the base unit for the phones and was pressing the button that calls the other phones so you know where they are.This, apparently, was hilarious. We took him off the windowsill and told him that it was dangerous, he simply looked at us and said MORE.

He also figured out a few months ago that he had enough upper body strength to pull himself onto the toilet seat, from where he could stand up and push the flush button to his heart’s content. Climbing and water, his 2 most favourite things. Perhaps he’ll be a mountaineer when he’s older? Or maybe an extreme fisherman?

toddler walks

He’s at that dangerous age where he’s mobile and physically strong but doesn’t yet have any concept of danger. He just runs around with this big grin on his face looking for trouble like a marauding pirate. If he does happen to bump his head or hurt himself he comes running over has a big hug and a kiss it better before disappearing off again.

Matilda was never like this, she’s always been active but never really climbed and was more interested in reading a book or trying to unlock our phones than clambering on things. Now however she can be the ring leader, encouraging Henry to do things she knows are naughty and then of course running to tell us as soon as Henry has done what she suggested.

Anyone else have a boy like this? It’s going to get worse when he’s a teenager isn’t it?

The Photo Gallery – I made that *proud face*


Joining in with the Gallery this week, a photo with one title and no words.

A boy and his bunny

This is a story about a little boy.

A little boy looking for love, searching for that special connection. It was a search that seemed to last a lifetime, suitors came and went but none captured his heart. The spark wasn’t there so he went on searching.

Then one day a chance encounter, their 2 paths crossed through a twist of fate. It was love at first sight, his heart beating fast when he spotted bunny in the pile of toys.

Here was the one.

The one to spend every second of every day with, the one who pulled at his heart when they weren’t together, the only one he’ll ever share his milk with. The heartache was over, no longer did he have to sit watching jealously as his sister played with her bunny, now he too would always have a friend to share his thoughts and secrets with.

The boy had found his bunny.

Henry and his bunny


Frustrated is the best way to describe how Henry feels at the moment. That awkward age when he can’t quite walk or talk yet clearly has a good deal to tell us.

Frustrated that we won’t walk round and round the house holding his hands so he can walk.

Frustrated that he can’t yet keep up with Matilda as she flies around the house.

Frustrated that simply by pointing and saying ‘der’ we don’t immediately know what he wants.

Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated.

And how do I know that he’s frustrated? Temper tantrums of course, you know the ones, I’m sure there must be some secret classes babies go to to learn these things. It probably teaches a very simple 3 step strategy;

  1. Throw body face down on floor
  2. Lift arms and legs so you look like you are sky diving and scream.
  3. Lift head to check parents have noticed.

But what can you do other than try to stay calm, ignore the tantrum and find something to distract him? I find a book or one of Matilda’s little bags are most effective. He seems to quite enjoy getting her things when she’s not looking and then taunting her with it. Can’t blame him really it’s not without provocation from her, no doubt just the start of the sibling rivalry.

The sooner he figures out walking the better, Matilda was 14 months when she started so we’re hopefully only a month or so away from it now. Then they can both run around the house like crazy things leaving me to enjoy my cup of coffee. I’m sure there won’t be any arguments, or tears, or fighting, or falling over.

Still he’s a handsome chap isn’t he? Who could stay cross with that face?

Henry on trucker

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