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The Gallery – me right now

Another week and another prompt from Tara that yet again confirms her voyeuristic tendencies. Why else would she want to know what we are doing when we read her blog post?

Now technically this isn’t me the first time I read her prompt because then I was sat on a bus reading it on my phone and the only camera was on my phone of course. Not even I am that talented. So I thought I’d treat you to a photo of me when I’m writing this post instead, just a regular day working from home in the Fools Manor.

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The Gallery – my photo resolution

I own a decent camera, it’s a DSLR, a Nikon D60 to be precise. It takes very good photos, however most of the time this is on auto so the skill from me is just spotting the photo opportunity. I have been trying over the past few months to start turning that big dial on the top away from auto and to P, S or A. It’s a scary thing and a very quick route to massive frustration when the BLOODY CAMERA WON’T DO WHAT I WANT. But I do love taking photos and would love to at least be a little bit proficient in using this fancy camera properly so I know that it’s a good photo because I took it.

So with this weeks prompt from Tara Lara being My photography resolution I am putting into writing that I will use manual mode for the majority of the time. I will learn exactly what a high aperture is, how I select it on my camera and when to use it. I will learn how to meter properly with my camera. I will try manual focus some of the time and most of all I will take some great photos.

So in the spirit of this I had a go on Sunday taking a few photos of my favourite subject. I set the camera to the lowest f-stop possible and increased the ISO a little to take account of the low winter light (does it sound like I know what I’m doing? Don’t be fooled). Not a bad start I don’t think. I do find that the autofocus struggles a little bit on close up photos in particular so a few of turned out a little blurry. Also I hope to get a 50mm lens soon which has a lower possible f-stop and therefore should be better for taking these sort of photos;

The Gallery – phone photos

Last Sunday was the lady of the manors first day back at work, which meant it was also one of the few days that I have been totally on my own with Matilda. It was a long day as well with the lady of the manor leaving at 6.30am and getting back at 9pm. In my head it was going to be a day of fun, of bonding with the wee girl and having some time to interact with her.

In reality it was a day where she wouldn’t sleep, not in her cot, not in her push chair no way sireee. There were tears (me and her), tantrums, muttered swear words and a VERY early bath and bedtime. But we did have some fun and I thought I’d capture a few of those moments here on my phone for the return of the Gallery:

The Gallery – Christmas of Yesteryear

Tara of Sticky Fingers fame is inherently a nosy person and she likes nothing more than encouraging us foolish gallery followers to reveal embarrassing and funny photos of ourselves. This week being a case in point, the prompt is Christmas of Yesteryear, no doubt she expected some dodgy hair cuts, cheesy present opening scenes or fashion disasters. Well I’m sorry to disappoint Mrs Cain but you wont find any of that here, this may or may not have anything to do with the fact that my parents keep all those photos in a safe place and viewing is strictly on a need to know basis.

So this week instead I give you our Yesteryear aka Christmas before we had children. It may only be a few years ago that these photos were taken but an awful lot has changed in that time. We are now house owners, we have a crazy crazy dog and a beautiful little daughter. This Christmas we will be at home establishing family traditions to be repeated for many years, we’ll spend a glorious week together enjoying the festive season and eating until our bellies pop out.

But just 3 years ago things were very different, we lived in a rented flat in the centre of Bristol and the lady of the manor was working a night shift on Christmas day. So it was just the 2 of us for Christmas, with a small roast dinner and a couple of glasses of wine for me. A very strange day, a happy day but definitely strange and ending with me spending the evening and night on my own. In a way Christmas passed us by a little bit, sure we had some presents and a real tree, but the usual excitement wasn’t there and we had no family to share it with.

This year I am just a teeny tiny bit excited about it being Matilda’s first Christmas, the first and last with one child! We have a very cosy and Christmasy feeling house, we have a feast planned and family joining us to share the occasion with. This is exactly how I want Christmas to be from now on. I CANNOT WAIT!

So Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for reading.

P.S Yes the secret to the lady of the manors happiness is a rocky road from Hotel Chocolat. Cheap date…

The Gallery – my awesome photo

I like this prompt, it’s not show us your best photo, the best artistically or technically, it’s what is the most awesome photo you have taken for whatever reason. For the first time doing the gallery I’m also going to use a photo for a second time, you see when I think of all the photos I’ve taken there is one that I love the most, one that I go back to and look at again and again, one that I say to myself ‘that is pretty damn cool’. I think it’s awesome, I hope you do to:

The Gallery – the Kitchen

The kitchen is my favourite room in the house, it’s the place everyone congregates to drink tea and chat. It’s the warmest room on a cold autumn day once you put the oven on, it’s the place to be sociable, to gossip and to celebrate. Our kitchen in this house is good, not great, but pretty good. It was the room that sold the house to us, the one room in this old house that we have had to do nothing to since we moved in. It has fabulous free standing units, a big high Victorian ceiling, beautiful wooden worktops and a lovely deep Belfast style sink.

But it’s not the dream kitchen, the one that we’ll have in our forever house, the one with an Aga and a big table, with a flagstone floor and a pantry, with a sink that overlooks the garden and a big island with a cold worktop for making pastry on. Where our children and grand children will love to spend time cooking a baking and where the best roast dinners in the world will be served. But not yet, for now we will keep dreaming and keep enjoying what we have.

The gallery – the letter T

A flying visit for this post, massively under prepared for this weeks gallery prompt and a somewhat crazy day of work ahead. The prompt is the letter T and for this fool the letter T stands for TINY GHOSTS and the perfect opportunity to use a photo from the weekend.

The cheapest and easiest Halloween costume ever? Now everyone say ahhhhhhhh

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