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The Photo Gallery – Beauty

I have no doubt that I won’t be the only person posting a photo of their children for this weeks Gallery prompt, after all we all think our own kids are beautiful don’t we? Matilda has really changed in the last few weeks since she started walking, it was quite noticeable after my week away for work in particular. All of a sudden she is a little girl and not a baby any more, with this has come a real personality. Sure it was there before but now that she can move freely the expressions and body language that have come with it are fascinating.

Last Thursday when I worked from home she spent most of the morning practising her ‘running’, she’d run up and down the kitchen laughing at herself and only stopping to shoot us a smile and check we were still watching. I think this age is a really cool time to be a parent, watching them develop and grow but not yet able to talk and tell you what they really think.

It is no surprise therefore that as an already proud and snap happy dad I have been getting the camera out at every opportunity. I have to say I am also a bit obsessed with my 35mm lens, hardly ever use anything else at the moment. It takes such nice photos and it’s a fun challenge having to change the shot by physically moving rather than zooming in and out. I took this photo at a friends BBQ at the weekend, Matilda spent most of the time running around on this little bit of decking and occasionally coming over to me to say boo or do her lion’s roar.

A proud daddy behind the lens, daddy’s girl in front of it.

The Gallery – Sky

My Instagram feed for the last few weeks has been mainly filled with photos tagged with #skyporn, #cloudporn and #foodporn which judging by Tara’s gallery topic this week is very similar to hers. However when I went looking for photos of the sky I realised that I have already used most of them in blog posts. You may notice a bit of a recurring theme here but I love sunrises, potentially more than sunsets. In either case the beginning and end of the day are great moments and also great times to take photos.

But I do have a couple I don’t think I’ve used before and if I have then they are clearly just so good they need using again! The first is from a business trip earlier in the year, we found ourselves with time to kill in Paris after a meeting finished early so did what every person should do and headed for the Eiffel Tower. A pretty perfect spring day to visit as well.


My second photo is from our New Zealand trip last year, some breathtaking scenery and perfect clear skies to go with it. This is one of my favourite photos from the trip, it’s in Greymouth and the beach was right next to our pitch on the campsite. If you’d like to see a few more from that trip then just click here.

The Gallery – emotion

This photo is full of emotions, there is Bracken thrilled at being free to roam and dive in streams. Free to sniff all the amazing smells and chase everything that moves. Then there is my emotion; contentment, drinking in the early morning sun, the peace and quiet that precedes another busy day. That perfect time before the hustle and bustle starts and we go about our daily activities, just another day of the week.

We both love this time but for different reasons. It may be tough getting out of bed at 5.45am everyday but on mornings like this it’s worth every second.

This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, do pop over and see the rest of the entries.

The Gallery – The Everyday

The everyday things are what I enjoy the most with Matilda and soon Henry. I love just being at home and hanging out the washing while Matilda ‘helps’. You can get such pleasure from just sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and watching her explore, crawling up and down the path, giving stones to Bracken or trying to eat soil.

This is real quality time, give me this any day rather than a trip out to some attraction. However the challenge with capturing those moments in photos is not so easy, as soon as you pull the camera out Matilda stops whatever she was doing and crawls over. I have lots of really great close ups of her face and hands!

But here’s a couple I did manage to capture and are my entry for this weeks Gallery. These are taken with my new favourite lens that I bought recently.  A 35mm fixed lens which is really great. Interesting having to physically move yourself to adjust the photo rather than zoom in and out. But the quality of the photos is awesome, especially in low light indoors. I stuck the camera on Aperture priority, set it to a mid level of 9 and set the ISO low at 200 as we were outside.

The Gallery – Picture Postcard

It’s happy centenary to the Gallery this week as it hits week 100, such a great weekly blog activity, I love that it gets people taking photos and interacting. Given what’s happened this week already in the world of the fool there can really only be one way for me to interpret this prompt.

Here’s my picture postcard, a photo that we will actually be using to send thank you cards to our family and friends. My perfect little family with one of each flavour baby, ever so contented in those fabulous few days after the birth where you are floating on a cloud of happiness. No doubt it’s going to get tough with 2 wee ones and the tiredness will kick in soon but for now I give you the Fool’s family complete with Henry the latest addition and future heir to the Fool’s kingdom.


P.S. Forgive me the slushy new dad post’s, normal service will be resumed once I’m grumpy and sleep deprived 🙂

The gallery – light

Everything in the house these days has a light; lights that tell when things are on, when things are off, when they are ready to be used, when they are heating/cleaning/cooking. Where would we be without them as well? It may not be ‘rise of the machines’ but it’s not far away is it?!

So here are some of the lights that are important in the fools household. In my continued efforts to learn about my camera I set the ISO to the lowest setting and chose shutter priority. I then played with the shutter speed until the light in the photos was right. I used a tripod for most as the shutter speed needed to be so slow. Mixed results but a lot of fun nonetheless.

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Gallery – embarrassing outfits

I’m going to cheat a little this week and re-use a photo from my first ever gallery entry way back in late 2010. The story behind this photo is that it was my stag weekend, a weekend of surfing amongst other things in the fabulous Croyde, North Devon. I would also like to point out that I had to wear the bikini for the whole weekend.

However not sure if I was embarrassed or proud…


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