The everyday things are what I enjoy the most with Matilda and soon Henry. I love just being at home and hanging out the washing while Matilda ‘helps’. You can get such pleasure from just sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and watching her explore, crawling up and down the path, giving stones to Bracken or trying to eat soil.

This is real quality time, give me this any day rather than a trip out to some attraction. However the challenge with capturing those moments in photos is not so easy, as soon as you pull the camera out Matilda stops whatever she was doing and crawls over. I have lots of really great close ups of her face and hands!

But here’s a couple I did manage to capture and are my entry for this weeks Gallery. These are taken with my new favourite lens that I bought recently.  A 35mm fixed lens which is really great. Interesting having to physically move yourself to adjust the photo rather than zoom in and out. But the quality of the photos is awesome, especially in low light indoors. I stuck the camera on Aperture priority, set it to a mid level of 9 and set the ISO low at 200 as we were outside.