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The Gallery – walks

When I saw the prompt that Tara had picked this week for the gallery I just had to join in. Like her and her family we love getting out for walks at the weekend no matter what the weather. As she mentions having a dog is a great motivator for keeping active as you really do have to get out every day. It may not always look inviting out there but it’s rare to regret the decision once you are out.

Most of my walks with Bracken at the moment are actually runs as we head out every morning and do a few miles on the ridgeway near our house. A beautiful part of the country and I love the fact that I’m the only person crazy enough to be up there at 6am. I can stand on top of the hill, the highest point for miles and take in the stunning scenery all at peace before the rat race begins.

However at weekends we try to get out as a family and with Matilda now walking we like to give her at least a little bit of time to toddle along rather than being in her rucksack. It definitely slows the pace down but is fascinating watching her explore and take in the world, spotting things that you’d never see.

So I’ve picked 2 photos this week that I think perfectly capture these 2 very different walks.

Bracken on Barbury castle 13Mar13

Matilda splashing

A new tradition

It seems we have fallen into somewhat of a new tradition in the fools household, something that started as a one off has gently drifted and evolved into regular event. You see the lady of the manor is finding it much harder to walk the dog given that the sprout is due in 5 weeks, so I’ve been doing it every day. Add to this the fact that I don’t see as much of the wee girl during the week and it means come Saturday morning I need to walk the dog but don’t want to miss out on time with Matilda.

So……we have daddy, dog and daughter time!

It goes a little something like this; tea and milk in bed with Matilda and the lady of the manor, head downstairs to feed the hound and then out the door for a walk. Normally a little drive to a suitable spot, Clanger woods being our favourite so far, gives Bracken a really good run off the lead investigating all the smells and Matilda loves her rucksack.

Plus it gives the lady of the manor the chance to have a shower with no baby crawling around. Perfect all round.

And you know what? I think this could be one of my favourite things to do each week. I love getting out in the fresh air after a week in the office and car. It’s great having some time to chat with Matilda as she sits and watches the world go by from her seat on my back.

Oh and it gives me an opportunity to take photos like this:

P.S If you’re interested I played about with the aperture settings to get a mix of photos with different levels of focus in the background. But these are the ones I liked the most. The only thing I struggled with was getting the rick colours to show in the photo, a few look a little washed out. Any suggestions how to avoid greatly appreciated.