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A moment

Ben and Henry cuddling

A moment of peace, calm in the eye of the storm.

A moment to bond, say hello, connect.

These moments are brief but magical, full of questions.

What will you be like? Another blondie perhaps? Or maybe a fiery red head?

Little hints begin to break the surface, each ripple created sets off the guessing game.

The twinkle in your wide eyes, the merest flicker of a smile, the mellow outlook.

Some family traits holding strong, but always unique, one of a kind.

No matter what you’ll be loved wee boy, suffocating so at times, but always loved.

Welcome to the chaos, you’re going to love it.


Reasons to be cheerful – the H edition

I haven’t taken part in this linky for a good few months, in fact I haven’t really done any linkys. It’s been hard enough keeping up with other posts after Henry was born but I decided that it was finally time that I took part in this one again.

The theme this week is H and although we don’t have to keep to the theme I quite like the idea of thinking about reasons connected to a letter. Plus H is actually a pretty apt letter for me this week.

I have 2 reasons to be cheerful this week;

First Henry who seems to be really settling down and starting to find a routine which is not bad for 8 weeks. Not only that he is turning into somewhat of a chubby chap and is now a mighty 12lb 5oz, a whole 1lb 9oz heavier in 2 weeks. It’s been a struggle getting to this stage but the lady of the manor has been amazing and so glad that she managed to get through those tough weeks.

My second H is hugs, Matilda has all of a sudden become quite cuddly in complete contrast to the¬†stubbornly¬†independent girl we’ve experienced so far. It really is quite lovely and this morning on my work from home day we had 30 minutes after breakfast just sitting and reading books. Was heavenly (look another H!). This week at the childminders apparently she spent most of the day hugging and kissing her friends that are there on the same day, so sweet.

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