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My daughter works for Mi6

Quite honestly it is the only explanation, she’s been trying to conceal it but now that she’s become a double ‘0’ and can crawl it’s pretty obvious.

Put her in any room and she will find the weak spot, the one thing you don’t want her to go near and head straight for it. There is even a look of glee in her eye and a sly check over her shoulder to make sure she isn’t being watched. Once there destruction takes mere seconds as objects tip over or are quickly thrown across the room.

Matilda crawlingIf you do manage to thwart her destruction then she unleashes her main weapon; her voice. One screech from her will render any opponent helpless and begging for quiet. It can shatter glass, burst ear drums and once it even set car alarms off outside.

Her secret agent training doesn’t stop there, within 10 seconds of holding any electronic device she has worked out how it works and more importantly which button to press to most annoy mummy and daddy. Give her a TV remote and one button push later the TV source has been changed at it’ll take you 5 minutes to get the rugby back on again. It’s no accident either, she sits with the remote, pushing buttons and watching the TV change.

Oh she’s a clever one this one. Top of her class at secret agent school probably.

Of course the most important skill for any secret agent is being resourceful, using what you have to hand or keeping things about your person for later. It doesn’t matter how long after a meal it is she can magically produce a baked bean or piece of bread from

Anyone know what is taught next at secret agent school? Espionage? Foreign languages (dog maybe)? Concealment? Whatever it is I know one thing, we’re in big trouble.somewhere on her body to give her a much needed energy boost at a critical time in her mission.

Reasons to be cheerful – week 9

It’s been a couple of weeks since I joined up with this, but I found myself with 20 minutes to spare so thought I’d get a post written quickly. I’m going to stick with just the one reason to be cheerful this week though because quite honestly nothing else is needed to cheer me up.

This is my reason to be cheerful:

In the space of 2 weeks Matilda has gone from thinking about crawling to being a little speed merchant. It is truly hilarious watching her explore the house for the first time, giggling and squealing as she discovers each new thing and shooting us a cheeky glance when she knows she’s being naughty. I’m sure the novelty will wear off to be replaced by frustration as she yet again takes everything out of the cupboard but for now its all smiles and laughter in the fools household.

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