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Just one more week?

I’ve a serious case of the back to work blues tonight and I’m not even back to work for another 12 hours. The last week of holiday has been fabulous, hard and tiring at times as you would expect with 3 small children but that’s soon forgotten when you are making memories isn’t it? That’s after all what family holidays should be all about, making memories, creating those stories that you reminisce about for years to come. I know I still talk about things I did on holiday as a small child over 20 years ago and I hope Matilda and Henry will be doing the same.

We’d planned to go to the Lake District camping for 4 days after our wedding anniversary celebrations had finished which would have been awesome, but a weather forecast of heavy rain and 40 mph gusts of wind soon changed our minds. Who wants to be in a tent with 3 children and a dog in weather like that? It’s a real shame as I think we would have had an amazing time and I really wanted to be in that landscape again. Instead we did a bunch of day trips; we went to the Cotswold Farm Park (Adam’s farm for you Countryfile fans), Leigh Woods in Bristol, to the lake for a swim and bacon sandwich and then to the Cotswold Wildlife park (a big feature in both mine and the lady of the manor’s childhoods).

We had such a great week, a good mixture of visiting attractions and then low key days in the forest with Bracken along for a run around too. I also grabbed time this weekend for some daddy son and daddy daughter time with the 2 big ones; Henry and I went to the canal to look at the boats and I went to Avebury with Matilda (which is fab for kids if you haven’t been). Funny that the weather in April for our holiday was better than August but that didn’t matter, however I now want to have another 6 weeks just like the last one.

While I go off to buy a lottery ticket here’s a few photos from the past week.

Alex and Rupert

Henry by Lake 32

In Leigh Woods

Matilda and Henry feeding the horses

Matilda outside Avebury Manor

Penguins at cotswold wildlife park




Matilda with a Rabbit

The Gallery – action

I haven’t done a gallery post for a looooooong time, I’ve taken photos just not had time to post them. But I really wanted to get involved this week because of the prompt and as I’m currently sat in the lounge at Düsseldorf airport making the most of the facilities I really have no excuse.

So here it is, taken last Sunday at Cotswold wildlife park, the whole fool clan met up for the first time in a long time as my sister was over from Ireland. It was so much fun catching up and seeing our nephews and we hadn’t visited the wildlife park for a long time. We used to visit a lot as children as we grew up just a few miles away so fun to be back with our own children now!

Taking action shots isn’t something I’ve done much, I tend to be more obsessed with nature and landscapes. But it was a good challenge getting the focus right and picking a shutter speed to capture the motion. This I think is my favourite of all the many shots I took.

I also took this shot, which from a slightly different angle would have been awesome, but this monkey flew past my side and jumped up onto the tree so I had only a couple of seconds to get the shot. Points for effort at least?