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The Gallery – Sun

Californian sun.

Warm, strong, constant.

Beating down on still pale skin.

Fuelling long evenings of food and beer.

Illuminating the hills, browning the grass.

But no respite or break, shade commanding a premium.

Doesn’t stop the running of course.

Crazy fool.

Los Gatos Blvd


This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, where the theme is Sun. You can find all the other entries by clicking here.

A little bit of geek heaven

I’m in California this week for work, my company is American and our HQ is here. We have an annual trip out here for a conference which more often than not means sitting in a windowless room listening to people talk.

But today was different.

Today was a little bit of geek heaven, today (at my suggestion incidentally) we had one of the co-authors of Freakonomics speak to us. He was pretty funny guy, with some great stories (monkey prostitution and male hand washing behaviour for starters) with a subtle lesson behind them. He shared a bunch of these for 60 minutes or so.

Then we got his book for free and he signed it for me.

Then he joined us for small dinner, just 7 or 8 of us and him.

I know for most of you this probably isn’t very exciting, but for me this is pretty darn cool. I had a long chat with him about football and the economics behind it, plus whether a child’s name can determine how successful they are in life.

Sometimes there truly are perks to this job.