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My relationship with boobs

I am a man.

I like boobs.

Revelations worthy of Newsnight right?

But there is a serious point here, I promise, so hold on while I try to get there and not get distracted by the thought of boobs. The lady of the manor most definitely does not disappoint in the boob department, I would say that they are awesome but both my mum and my MIL read this so best not.

So to recap, I like boobs, the lady of the manor has great boobs. All looking good right? That is until one teeny tiny event happened that changed everything. Can you guess what it is?

A little boy was born and promptly set up camp in MY spot. With his feeding issues he was almost permanently there, guzzling away and turning into the not so little boy he is now. King of his domain and defender of his territory.

So what is a man to do? Where once I saw fun and excitement I now see Henry’s pit stop, his happy place. It’s changed and I think it’ll be a while before it feels the same again. That’s ok, I’m not bitter it’s just another part of being a dad, part of the adventure.

But I can’t just push him out can I? He does love it there and the lady of the manor definitely enjoys the cuddles with her little boy. Plus have you seen his face? Could he be any cuter with that big fat cheesy grin and naughty chuckle.

I guess I’ll just have to become a legs or arse man.

Henry screwing up face

Tongue tied

It’s just over a month now since I wrote about the trials and tribulations we were having trying to breastfeed Henry. Well when I say we my role was clearly just that of concerned observer the lady of the manor was doing all the hard work. But in any case I wanted to give an update.

Since that last post we have seen 3 midwives, an osteopath twice, the health visitor on multiple occasions and our GP. Despite all that it’s really only in the past week to 10 days that we have seen a real change in Henry. We went as planned to see the chief mouth lady where we discovered that Henry did indeed have a tongue tie and pretty substantial one at that (which strangely makes me quite proud). She duly cut the tie and we hoped that was problem solved.

Unfortunately he continued to feed for hours and hours, seemingly never getting enough. So we went back again for another check and the chief mouth lady examined him. Turns out there was still more to be cut but she wasn’t willing to do it and wanted her boss (big chief mouth lady) to take a look for a second opinion. An appointment for a week later was duly made and we returned home again.

By this time the lady of the manor was suitably fed up as you can imagine. Henry was almost 5 weeks old and this problem still wasn’t fixed. Big chief mouth lady had a look and suggested waiting ANOTHER week before cutting the tie. At which point the lady of the manor had had enough. She told big chief mouth lady that she was going to cut his tongue tie and she was going to do it NOW.

End result? Massive gristly tongue tie finally cut, Henry can now feed properly and I’m reliably informed ‘it feels like he is sucking my insides out’. I’ll take that as a good thing.

In amongst all this we also went to see the cranial osteopath for some ‘adjusting’. First visit Henry was pronounced to be full of tension and very stiff. In particular his gut was further forward than normal which could be from the birth and might explain some of his wind issues. After the second visit big improvements, tension pretty much gone and no need to go back. Osteopathy is a very odd thing though isn’t it? Doesn’t look like they are doing much but seemingly they do.

Now we have a baby boy who is packing on the pounds, who is definitely more chilled and eating quicker and less frequently. We aren’t topping up with formula any more either. No doubt some of this is simply because he is older but I’m convinced that both these things we’ve done have made a massive difference.

However the frustration at having to fight the system to get what we needed remains. Couples with less confidence or with their first child may not have done this. Plus having to do the research and suggest these solutions ourselves simply isn’t the way it worked.

Our health visitor who is a lovely lady has decided to use our case as a training and learning case with her colleagues. Which is great but shame we had to be the guinea pigs. Let’s hope the midwives also learn from this and start suggesting other things than just giving formula.

Oh and here’s the¬†obligatory cute photo of the 2 of them.