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It’s not easy being a family pet…

It’s a tough life being a dog when there’s babies and toddlers around isn’t it? He loves it though, such a gentle and sociable hound who never barks or growls. We just have to make sure the children learn the meaning of gentle, oh and stay up the head end, Henry has a painful pinch at the best of times….

Henry patting Bracken on head

Henry trying to stroke Bracken

Henry climbing on Bracken

The Gallery – walks

When I saw the prompt that Tara had picked this week for the gallery I just had to join in. Like her and her family we love getting out for walks at the weekend no matter what the weather. As she mentions having a dog is a great motivator for keeping active as you really do have to get out every day. It may not always look inviting out there but it’s rare to regret the decision once you are out.

Most of my walks with Bracken at the moment are actually runs as we head out every morning and do a few miles on the ridgeway near our house. A beautiful part of the country and I love the fact that I’m the only person crazy enough to be up there at 6am. I can stand on top of the hill, the highest point for miles and take in the stunning scenery all at peace before the rat race begins.

However at weekends we try to get out as a family and with Matilda now walking we like to give her at least a little bit of time to toddle along rather than being in her rucksack. It definitely slows the pace down but is fascinating watching her explore and take in the world, spotting things that you’d never see.

So I’ve picked 2 photos this week that I think perfectly capture these 2 very different walks.

Bracken on Barbury castle 13Mar13

Matilda splashing

Goodbye and thanks for the memories

Henry in BumboToday is the penultimate day in our house for tomorrow is move day. The lady of the manor and the wee ones have already left, they’ve headed home for a couple of days leaving me to get the house ready for the removal guys to come and pack and move us.

I never thought I would really get attached to a house but I’m finding it quite emotional leaving this place. Getting tougher with each milestone of a ‘last’ that has passed, the last bath, the last bed time, the last goodbye in the morning and so on. We moved in as a relatively newly married couple into our first ever house, now a little over 3 years later we leave as parents to 2 amazing little children and an awesome hound.

So much has happened in those 3 years, so many memories created which thankfully in this digital age can be relived quite easily. We have hours of video taken on our phones, 1000’s of photos capturing moments in time and with this blog a way to look back at some of the emotions and experiences.

Lounge on move in day

As I go around the house sorting and tidying I’m taking the opportunity to remember some of those moments, to remind myself of what we’ve been through, to try to keep it fresh.

The lounge where we sat on our first night on a borrowed sofa eating Chinese takeaway with no curtains at the window. Where we spent probably our darkest ever moment one evening knowing that the lady of the manor was mis-carrying and all we could do was sit and let it happen. But also the scene of one of the greatest moments as a dad when Matilda walked for the very first time.

Bracken sitting

The bathroom where the lady of the manor has soaked in the bath during both labours, the first with Matilda in a bathroom that contained just a bath and no tiles on the wall. A room where we have spent many nights laughing and playing with the babies and getting soaked.

The garden where we spent many hours digging up all the random plants, paving slabs and bark the previous owners had put down. With the ‘help’ of a very small Bracken who did his best to pull up shrubs all by himself. Where the lady of the manor and I sat on summer evenings eating BBQ’d food with 2 baby monitors sat looking at us hoping that they’d both sleep.

Every room has a story for us and no doubt for many other people in the 120 years since it was built. But now we must take those memories with us and leave the bricks and mortar for someone else.

Goodbye little house, you’ve been great.

Happy 3rd birthday Bracken!

Yes that’s right it’s the Brackster’s 3rd birthday today and you know what? I can’t imagine having a house with no dog in it now. You can’t beat coming home and seeing that waggly tail waiting for you or just curling up on the sofa with a little radiator next to you.

The last year has seen a lot of changes for him though, Matilda started walking and of course a second nosy little human joined the family. I love that he doesn’t seem to care, he just wants to be part of the family and involved. He’s so amazing with Matilda who lets be honest isn’t the gentlest with him. Her stroking often involves some not so gentle patting and one of her favourite games is chasing him with her pushchair. Yet he never growls or barks, if he doesn’t like it he just trots off.

He is of course also my running buddy, the best training partner you can have even if he does consistently make me feel extremely unfit! Providing I stop every so often and throw a stick in the canal for him he’ll happily trot along for 6 or 7 miles. Plus if you then offer me another walk in the afternoon he’ll more than happily run some more.

So here are a few photos from our adventures in the last year. Of our first baby boy.

The obligatory snow post

Sometimes you have to just forget trying to be original with your blog and just follow the herd, so it is with no reservation that I give you a post this fine Saturday morning dedicated entirely to snow. Besides this was Matilda’s first experience of the white stuff and the fact that as soon as she got up she pulled her suit out of the cupboard and said ‘snoo, snoo, snoo’ over and over again would suggest that she liked it.

We had great fun throwing snow balls for Bracken to chase and also attempting a snow angel or two. Inevitably telling Matilda it was time to go in resulted in tears and a tantrum. Bracken was also equally displeased about being forced to go back inside. Both as crazy as each other.

So to all you Scrooges complaining on twitter about ‘another’ snow photo sometimes tweeted or that ‘this isn’t proper snow, look at Canada’ get a life and cheer up. We don’t get snow like this very often so we’re going to bloody well enjoy it, if you don’t like it I suggest you unfollow everyone tweeting about it. I think you’ll find yourself in a very quiet, lonely part of Twitter as a result.

Autumn glory

I love this time of year.

The cold almost frosty mornings, the clear blue skies, the muddy dog walks, the glorious autumn colours.

The hot chocolate when you get home, the cosy evenings on the sofa and of course the comfort food to eat.


The Gallery – emotion

This photo is full of emotions, there is Bracken thrilled at being free to roam and dive in streams. Free to sniff all the amazing smells and chase everything that moves. Then there is my emotion; contentment, drinking in the early morning sun, the peace and quiet that precedes another busy day. That perfect time before the hustle and bustle starts and we go about our daily activities, just another day of the week.

We both love this time but for different reasons. It may be tough getting out of bed at 5.45am everyday but on mornings like this it’s worth every second.

This is my entry for this weeks Gallery, do pop over and see the rest of the entries.

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