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A little oasis

This is my favourite spot in the garden at the moment, a little oasis in amongst the sun burnt grass and vegetable patch gasping for water. When the sun goes down behind the trees and the intense heat and light of the day are gone this corner comes alive. The vibrant purple flowers of the lavender look and smell incredible, full of bees buzzing and gently moving in the breeze. It’s hear you can find peace and calm with a cup of tea once the children are in bed.

My little oasis.

Lavender 1

Bracken laying by Lavender

Lavender 2


Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

It seems that a few days of sunshine was all that mother nature needed to jump start the new growth for the year. Seemingly in the blink of an eye the trees have gone from bare brown to glorious green, bursting with life and colour. The start of having the patio doors wide open and the feeling of grass between your toes.

This is also a time when you’ll find me taking photos of pretty much anything, all that natural light is just irresistible. Which is why I found myself lying flat on the grass yesterday trying to take photos of daisies. A pretty normal activity right? Then later on I had a play around with shutter speeds after reading A party of seven’s blog, trying to capture Matilda’s hair blowing around. Great fun learning how to use your camera more and just take lots of photos.



Matilda with wheelbarrow

Henry standing at chair


Feeding the ducks

Matilda feeding the ducks


This apparently is how you feed the ducks when you are 2 years old.

You point at the ducks and tell daddy where the throw the bread while stuffing said bread into your mouth.

Just have to remember to not take stale bread with us….

The obligatory snow post

Sometimes you have to just forget trying to be original with your blog and just follow the herd, so it is with no reservation that I give you a post this fine Saturday morning dedicated entirely to snow. Besides this was Matilda’s first experience of the white stuff and the fact that as soon as she got up she pulled her suit out of the cupboard and said ‘snoo, snoo, snoo’ over and over again would suggest that she liked it.

We had great fun throwing snow balls for Bracken to chase and also attempting a snow angel or two. Inevitably telling Matilda it was time to go in resulted in tears and a tantrum. Bracken was also equally displeased about being forced to go back inside. Both as crazy as each other.

So to all you Scrooges complaining on twitter about ‘another’ snow photo sometimes tweeted or that ‘this isn’t proper snow, look at Canada’ get a life and cheer up. We don’t get snow like this very often so we’re going to bloody well enjoy it, if you don’t like it I suggest you unfollow everyone tweeting about it. I think you’ll find yourself in a very quiet, lonely part of Twitter as a result.

A cold and frosty morning

I’m linking this post up for this weeks Gallery where the prompt is colours which I think sums up pretty damn well the theme of all these photos. You can see all the other entries over on the Sticky Fingers blog by clicking here.

Mornings like today are amongst the best things about living in England; crisp, cold and stunningly beautiful. So it’s no surprise that I headed out armed with my camera on this mornings dog walk. Bracken loves these kind of walks as he gets extra time to run around and sniff everything as I search for that elusive perfect shot.

Not always easy taking photos in these light conditions but an awful lot of fun trying, even if Bracken drove me mental not staying where I asked him to!

The Fool’s photos – Morning has broken

The daily 5.45am dog walk has been a little bit easier in the last week with the beautiful sunny mornings. It’s also inspired my to take my camera with me and try to capture what is my very favourite part of the day.

I love the fresh, new feeling to mornings like this. So peaceful and full of expectation, you can feel the heat building but for now it is a very pleasant temperature. There are very few cars around and the only sound is that of pigeons cooing. A real privilege to be out there taking it all in.

So here’s a few shots from this week, in my never ending quest to actually learn about my camera I had a play around with the settings. I was desperate to get a photo of Bracken with a blurry sunny background using a low aperture. This was hard work as he never stays still! But finally managed it.

I was also trying to capture the dew on the grass being lit up by the sunlight. In this I failed, mainly I think because I really needed a tripod to take the photo so that I was still enough to avoid blur with a slow shutter speed.

Aside from changing the aperture and the ISO I’m still a way off really knowing how to use all the settings but that’s part of the adventure right?


The Gallery – action

I haven’t done a gallery post for a looooooong time, I’ve taken photos just not had time to post them. But I really wanted to get involved this week because of the prompt and as I’m currently sat in the lounge at Düsseldorf airport making the most of the facilities I really have no excuse.

So here it is, taken last Sunday at Cotswold wildlife park, the whole fool clan met up for the first time in a long time as my sister was over from Ireland. It was so much fun catching up and seeing our nephews and we hadn’t visited the wildlife park for a long time. We used to visit a lot as children as we grew up just a few miles away so fun to be back with our own children now!

Taking action shots isn’t something I’ve done much, I tend to be more obsessed with nature and landscapes. But it was a good challenge getting the focus right and picking a shutter speed to capture the motion. This I think is my favourite of all the many shots I took.

I also took this shot, which from a slightly different angle would have been awesome, but this monkey flew past my side and jumped up onto the tree so I had only a couple of seconds to get the shot. Points for effort at least?

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