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Me and mine February

Me and mine February


We’ve been doing an awful lot of this recently, the first sign that spring is springing and we’re in the garden with our wellies and waterproofs on. In fact Matilda will often trot up to us and say in her cutest teenager voice “shall we get some fresh air”. Β It may not be warm yet but having some daylight in the mornings and evenings again plus those beautiful blue skies gives you a little boost doesn’t it?

Sure that little house is a bit tatty and needs some railings to stop the crazy little things slipping off the edge (gramps will be fixing that very soon) but we love it. So funny watching them go inside and pretend they live there and then say boo at the window. Love that the previous owners left this behind and I think it will be much used over this summer!

This month I’ve been mainly marathon training (of course) which while fun has been a lot of hard work in this ridiculously windy weather. But I’m loving the challenge and loving the feeling of getting fit and strong (if you want to read more about running you can check out my running blog). I’ve also been transitioning; to a new job and a new desk. Same company different view and a big challenge ahead.

The lady of the manor has spent most of February trying to get 2 toddlers to eat properly and more than just bread, butter and cheese. She’s also been looking at schools (scary grown up stuff) while I’m really not quite ready to accept that Matilda will be going to school next year!

Henry has been teething for what feels like the whole month. Which has changed him from the cheeky, smily laid back boy into one grumpy little ball of painful gums. He’s also learning to talk an awful lot more and in particular to say “I’ll be back in a minute”.

Matilda appears to have finally figured out that she does still need a nap and that lying down on the sofa for an hours sleep is just as good as going to bed. Although not sure if a grumpy just woken up Matilda is better or worse than a grumpy hasn’t had any sleep one.

dear beautiful


15 Responses to “Me and mine February”

  1. Capture by Lucy says:

    I completely admire your training power and running in horrid conditions! I LOVE this photo and now I am adding a treehouse to the wish list for our house hunt πŸ˜‰

    • Ben says:

      Well whatever you do don’t search for tree houses on Pinterest…. would love to knock this down and build a big one as part of the tree the swing is on.

  2. mummydaddyme says:

    Am now following the running blog! And I am very jealous of your tree house- I so would love a little wendy house for our garden. Love the artistic element in this photo- the fact you aren’t all staring face on into the camera!

    • Ben says:

      Cool, best get writing some posts then :)
      It is a very cool little house, I can see them having some real adventures in there over the summer :)

  3. Lucy says:

    I love that this such a garden action shot, with you all busy playing. It’s lovely. Sounds like an action packed month for you, congrats on the new job, desk and view!!! πŸ˜‰ x

  4. sabrina montagnoli says:

    LOVE! I love the family action…really brings your family life well to life!

  5. Donna Wishart says:

    Such a great shot! I envy that playhouse – Yes it needs a little bit of love but it will be the heart of your garden. I will be looking to get a playhouse this year too x

    • Ben says:

      it’s great, the kids are the perfect age for it now as well. Can see them having an awful lot of fun in there over the summer

  6. Lauren_W says:

    This photo is fab! Interesting to see everyone spread out and not squished together posing too :-)
    Congratulations on the new job! x

  7. JessMcGlynn says:

    This is a brilliant photo, I love the way you’ve set it up. Hurray for being able to get out more often too, let’s hope the nice(er) weather sticks around :) #meandmine

    • Ben says:

      We’ve started dreaming about those warm summer days, can’t wait to be able to throw the doors open and run outside bare foot.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Love this photo! I feel like I am spying on you all having fun. Fantastic shot! x

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