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You already know that baking sourdough is at least a weekly occurrence in this house and normally I start the process once the kids are in bed. But yesterday I was working from home so had time before they went to bed to make the dough.

The second I started gathering the ingredients and a bowl a little voice piped up “what you doing daddy?”. Then moments later a chair was pushed up against the worktop and a little child appeared for a closer look. Of course as soon as Matilda was up there Henry also wanted to be and who am I to say no? I love getting them involved with food already and letting them see how their meals are created. Plus of course making bread is a lot like playing with Play-Doh which they do oh so well.

So I give you my new commis chef’s, not a bad kneading technique for a first attempt :)

P.S. Not the greatest photos, took them on my phone and the kids were constantly moving!

Matilda and Henry kneading bread

Matilda and Henry kneading

  • AnnieMammasaurus

    Oh bless ‘em!

  • Molly @ Mother’s Always Right

    They are both so blinking CUTE! F loves helping in the kitchen – when I’m feeling brave we take on homemade pizza as she really enjoys kneading the dough. We have a Funpod which is exceptionally handy for baking in the kitchen, although there’s no room for it in our current (temporary) home I can’t wait to get it out again and enjoy some one-to-one time with my three year old in the kitchen!

    • Ben

      We’ve considered the fun pod but so far decided a chair works ok and is much cheaper :)

  • Paul Tipping

    Great….. start a production line!

    • Ben

      not sure they’d be consistent shape :)

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