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A window into my mind

Music does funny thing to humans doesn’t it? It has such control of our minds whether we say we like music or not. The playing of the opening 5 seconds of a song can immediately transport you back to another time and place. You can smell the place, you can feel the emotions you experienced at the time and you can describe it in intricate detail.

The power of one single song to instantly change your mood for better or worse. We all have them, songs that we listen to when we want to relax or when we want motivation for running. Songs that we listen to when we want to remember or when we want to forget. Songs that remind us of someone and songs that make us cry.

When I listen to Elton John – Tiny Dancer a little montage plays in my head like in a film of my gap year in Vancouver. Of all the places we went, the people we met and the things we did. I can remember sitting around a fire on the beach on my last day sharing one last beer with friends. I see the face of the lady of the manor as she arrives at the airport having not seen her for 4 months. I see the road trips in a clapped out Volkswagen Jetta and doing Chinese fire drills at traffic lights. I see the magical Christmas day at Whistler where it was just me and the lady of the manor in the cheapest hotel in town.

The whole of Urban Hymns by The Verve takes me back to being a teenager, the long summer holiday after finishing GCSE’s when I couldn’t get enough of new music and bought 2 CD’s a week on payday. Paul Weller – Moon on your pyjamas instantly transports me back to snogging the lady of the manor in my bedroom as a little 17 year old, a teenage romance that we could never imagine would bring us here.

Croyde bay

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven means Croyde bay and surfing to me, the first place I heard it as we travelled down in a mates VW Campervan. 4 guys in the van and I think we all had a bit of a moment as conversation stopped and we just listened.  Body rockers – I like the way you move reminds me of my older brother who was bloody obsessed with it for a while.

The list goes on and of course keeps getting bigger with each day that passes, alas you can’t choose which songs are picked so there is always a risk that One Direction feature in there.

A fascinating characteristic of the human mind and I hope I never lose that window into my memories.


  1. Music does travel with us through our lives doesn’t it. For me the new romantics and early hip hop were the soundtrack to my teenage years, Genesis and Phil Collins helped me through the bad times and dance music of the late 90s reminds me of when OH and I met and spent many a night clubbing our socks off. Ahhh happy times…. great post!

  2. Sarah @apartyofseven

    July 11, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    i heard on the radio today that sense of smell and music can evoke the strongest memories. 🙂 and dare i say it, you have a little girl so 1D might just surface somewhere. I have given in and now have one single of theirs on my phone, but see the girls come and spin round the kitchen with me, big smiles on their faces..ill take that for a little bit of one direction!!

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