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Cup of tea in the garden



My neighbours now officially think I’m odd, within the space of a few hours they saw me cycling around my garden like some sort of big kid and then taking lots of photos of a half drunk cup of tea. I have no doubt they are looking up the phone number for the local psychiatric hospital as we speak.

It probably didn’t help that my explanation for cycling around the garden was that I was testing my new bike and more importantly shoes for a race where I’m doing 105 miles of running, cycling and kayaking in one day. The look on their face said “ooookkkk, what sort of weirdo does that sort of thing”. That would be me then.

Crazy? Most probably.

But practise was needed, this is the first time I’ve owned a road bike and the sure to make you look like an idiot clipless pedals that come with them. I managed to go around the garden without falling over but we shall see what happens when I really do need to stop suddenly. Of course this is thirsty work and with the glorious weather of the weekend a tasty cup of lady grey hit the spot perfectly.

Now where did I put my extra padded lycra shorts?

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  • SaveEveryStep

    Yep, you must have looked proper mental. Only reinforced by the fact that you’re taking on such a ludicrous endurance feat.

    • Ben

      but in my head it makes perfect sense ;)

  • Jaime Oliver

    lol lol i do hope you have mastered it before your 105 miles o frunning, cycling and kayaking!! i so wish i had your energy!

    P.s loving the mug! :-)

    • Ben

      I do constantly annoy my wife with my inability to sit still for more than a few minutes

  • OneDad3Girls

    105miles have you lost the plot?

    Very good luck for the race

    • Ben

      yep, that went quite a long time ago

  • Notmyyearoff

    Oh my god 105 miles!!! Wow! (Lady Grey is very nice!)

    • Ben

      yeah you just have to say it quickly and then it’s not scary

  • Kelloggsville

    ahhh Lady Grey, have a friend that lives in Germany, I used to post her Lady Grey as she couldn’t get it here. So I’ve bought mountains of it but never tasted it! DOes the other side of that mug say “you’ve pulled” ?

    • Ben

      it sure does!

  • Herding Cats

    Ha ha. My neighbours are now well used to seeing me in the garden with my bottom in the air taking pictures of the lawn.

    • Ben

      Yeah I was there lying down taking photos of daisies the other day :)

  • sabrina montagnoli

    Should I have guess you were a cup of tea man? I do like your cup!

    • Ben

      Not always, I’m also a coffee fiend during the day

  • Sarah @apartyofseven

    My OH cycles with those shoes, i have no idea how he doesnt just fall on his face when he has to stop! lol. Oh and we are a lady grey household too. Tho we need to find a cheaper source, we drink far too much and its pricey!

    • Ben

      well that is my worry, it’s a lot different remembering to do it under pressure

  • Mother Goutte

    I’m intrigued about the size of your garden! Or was it an exercise in control? :)

    • Ben

      oh it’s pretty big :)

  • Gailann Houston

    That’s a lot of physical activity you’ve got lined up, I feel tire just thinking about it!

    • Ben

      got to have a challenge haven’t you

  • Jallie Daddy

    Ben the Iron Man! Impressive!

    • Ben

      oh yeah!

  • Franglaise Mummy

    I’m with your neighbours on this one – can I tempt you to lounging on the sofa instead?

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