April and May is peak marathon season in the UK with the London Marathon of course but also many others happening around the country. With this in mind MandMDirect have a competition running for one person to win £150 of running kit. They are looking for you to nominate a runner that you know who has either run or is running a marathon this year.

I’m sure most of us know one person taking part in a marathon and quite likely doing it for a good cause too. Some shiny new clothing will not only make them look the part it’ll also make them run faster. Guaranteed*. The competition closes on Friday so what are you waiting for?

MandMDirect deliveryIt’s all pretty simple really, just pop over to Facebook (link below), enter the details of the runner you want to nominate and upload a photo. The winner can then choose £150 of running kit from their website. Having been given a voucher to spend on their website I can tell you that £150 will go an awfully long way as well.

I managed to get all of this stuff for less than £50 (that’s 2 tops, a pair of short and 3 pairs of socks!), that’s pretty awesome value and close to 50% of RRP. It’s top brands like Asics so no cheap or poor quality clothing. Plus I think red is actually quite slimming don’t you think? Very important when running in the countryside like I do…

You can find out more details by visiting their Facebook page here.

*This may be a lie

This is a sponsored post, MandMDirect asked me to mention the competition and sent me a voucher to try out their service for myself. I do however think it’s a cracking competition and always happy to work with companies that are supporting running.