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The moment when it all became clear

Friday was move day, the first day in our new house. A smoother move I don’t think is possible, by 11am our house was packed and loaded on the van AND the mortgages had completed. Which meant by 2.30pm the removals guys had gone from the new house and we were left with a house full of boxes.

So I did what every good dad should do and headed for the garden with Matilda and Bracken. Don’t want to get in the way of the unpacking now do we?

And then it hit me.

The reason why we bought this house became crystal clear.

Watching Matilda running around the garden exploring, throwing sticks for Bracken, discovering that at the end of the garden is a field with horses in it “eey ores daddy” (we’re still working on the difference between a donkey and a horse!) was simply awesome. We are blessed with space in this house, with peace and quiet. Such a change from living in the middle of a town.

All those anxieties and worries about moving are gone. Now all I can see are the memories we will create, the adventures we will have and how glad I am that Matilda and Henry can have a childhood in the countryside just like the lady of the manor and I did.

Here’s to family homes, fresh air and the countryside.

Matilda, Henry and Bracken in the garden

P.S. The downside of such a good garden is that we are having to drag Bracken back in each evening 🙂


  1. sabrina montagnoli

    March 7, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    OMG is it the perspective because of your small children or is that garden huge! House buying unfortunately seems such a long way off for us! It must be amazing when it hits that feeling that this is where you are supposed to be!

  2. I am hugely envious of your garden! I don’t think we will ever be able to buy unfortunately but I am so pleased for you all.

    • We never thought we would get a garden like that, most of the houses we looked at had something about a quarter of the size at best. But truly love it and spend breakfast spotting squirrels with Matilda 🙂

  3. So jealous! Our move was the opposite; 1 of the things I most loved about the old house was the large garden. You & your children will have some great times there if we’re anything to go by.

    Hopefully we’ll get a proper family home soon.

    Glad you’ve found yourself a place you & your family can grow & he happy in 🙂

    • Yeah I grew up in the countryside with a big garden too and me and my siblings had so much fun. Can already see signs of Matilda and Henry doing the same.

  4. Looks awesome, and best of all it looks pretty flat. We’ve got a decent sized garden for a new build house, but it’s on quite a slope, which definitely affects what you can do in it

  5. Looks amazing. Wishing you lots of happy memories in the house and garden

  6. We are facing a move in a few weeks and am happy to finally have a garden for M to enjoy, am very jealous that it’s no way near as big as your garden 😉

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