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Part of the reason I am so addicted to running is the adventure, be that investigating a new city or getting out in the middle of the countryside. I love that feeling of exploring, of each new step being a step into the unknown. You see and experience so much more when you’re on your own two feet rather than in a car.

With each new challenge or adventure the hunger just grows rather than being satisfied, always looking for the next race to tick off, the next crazy adventure to attempt. The bucket list continues to grow, there are simply too many races out there that I want to do. Races in the mountains, long races, multi day races, multi sport races, races abroad, marathons, ultra marathons the list goes on.

Cannot wait.

For now though, I will have to make do with some mini adventures in the snow during my lunch breaks.

Swindon trail in the snow


  1. Great picture. I want to know where the trail leads too.

  2. You’re right – there are so many nooks and cranny’s even around local areas that you would miss by car. I’ve never thought of running to include that before. Great photo!

  3. Is that a foot path? It looks like a slide down a (flat) hill side! I’ve spent ages looking and can’t quite grasp the perspective, feel very daft!

  4. Love the way you write in this post. Enjoy those lunch time snow runs too, good on you!

  5. I am determined to get into outside running this year. I am scared of leaving the treadmill! Great picture.

    • do it! seriously it will be tough compared to treadmill but find some nice routes and you’ll love it. So much better getting out in the fresh air

  6. I too love exploring. A really nice picture, looks so peaceful x

  7. A Patchwork Life

    January 23, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    running near home has made me realise I miss such a lot, whizzing from A to B in the car. I really enjoy it, but haven’t been that adventurous yet!

    Inspiring to read how much you love to run.

  8. I agree, walking around makes everything looks different. Good luck with all these races when you get to do them!

  9. Michelle Garrett

    January 24, 2013 at 10:14 am

    I totally get that!! The adventure is part of why I love cycling so much–both on and off road. I can see why you’d love to do races in different parts of the country (world?). Great shot of the path winding off in the distance. Really symbolic for this post.

  10. I’ve never understood why people love to run but I do love to go places on foot, you can see the world as it really is when you slow down. That path looks like a great place to spend a lunch break, slow down, recoup and reconnect

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