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The obligatory snow post

Sometimes you have to just forget trying to be original with your blog and just follow the herd, so it is with no reservation that I give you a post this fine Saturday morning dedicated entirely to snow. Besides this was Matilda’s first experience of the white stuff and the fact that as soon as she got up she pulled her suit out of the cupboard and said ‘snoo, snoo, snoo’ over and over again would suggest that she liked it.

We had great fun throwing snow balls for Bracken to chase and also attempting a snow angel or two. Inevitably telling Matilda it was time to go in resulted in tears and a tantrum. Bracken was also equally displeased about being forced to go back inside. Both as crazy as each other.

So to all you Scrooges complaining on twitter about ‘another’ snow photo sometimes tweeted or that ‘this isn’t proper snow, look at Canada’ get a life and cheer up. We don’t get snow like this very often so we’re going to bloody well enjoy it, if you don’t like it I suggest you unfollow everyone tweeting about it. I think you’ll find yourself in a very quiet, lonely part of Twitter as a result.

  • Suzanne

    You tell them, fool!

    • Ben

      you know I will :)

  • sabrina montagnoli

    I personally love all the snow talk…even if we don’t have any :( Fantastic photos!

    • Ben

      Can’t believe we’ve had more than you guys, still probably easier to adjust to your trip that way though

  • Melksham Mum

    Hoorah for the snow pics! I love little uns in their puffy all in ones in the snow, so much cuter than my two chucking snowballs at me! Lovely pics x

    • Ben

      Yeah thankfully so far Matilda just wanted me to throw snow balls for Bracken

  • Emma

    Our poochie loved the snow although he wasn’t sure what to make of it at first!
    Lovely pictures :) x

    • Ben

      Bracken just goes crazy in it, I think it’s all the smells underneath that he can’t quite get to

  • Corinne

    Gorgeous photos! My 3 year old was saying the snow was spicey, we’re not sure what he means!

    • Ben

      hmm interesting, maybe that’s him describing how the cold feels?

  • Sarahmumof3

    what lovely photos!

  • Notmyyearoff

    Lovely pics and very cool snowsuit!! :)

    • Ben

      I know, I wonder if they do adult sizes?

  • Charlotte

    Lovely snowy photos! Think I need one of those snowsuits! :0)

    • Ben

      yeah why aren’t more adults wearing them?

  • coombemill

    Bring on the snow! If we had had some I would be proudly showing off my photos too. Matilda looks a picture enjoying the snow, thank you for doing and linking the “Obligatory post”

    • coombemill

      and thank you for taking the time to comment on others too

    • Ben

      She spent the whole weekend saying ‘snoo snoo’ :)

  • Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    I’m sure the Scrooges must be in a minority. What’s not to like about a bit of weather-based excitement? Great pics.

    • Ben

      exactly! they just think they’re too cool…

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  • Kate

    I’m finding it difficult writing original comments on all these obligatory snow posts but enjoying seeing everyone enjoying themselves. It’s lovely when the LOs are old enough to have a little toddle in the white stuff :) (popping over from Country Kids)

    • Ben

      cheers for popping over and totally agree on the LO’s made it so much more fun this time

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