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A cold and frosty morning

I’m linking this post up for this weeks Gallery where the prompt is colours which I think sums up pretty damn well the theme of all these photos. You can see all the other entries over on the Sticky Fingers blog by clicking here.

Mornings like today are amongst the best things about living in England; crisp, cold and stunningly beautiful. So it’s no surprise that I headed out armed with my camera on this mornings dog walk. Bracken loves these kind of walks as he gets extra time to run around and sniff everything as I search for that elusive perfect shot.

Not always easy taking photos in these light conditions but an awful lot of fun trying, even if Bracken drove me mental not staying where I asked him to!


  1. Beautiful! I love the spiderweb one!

  2. What beautiful captures of the frost. Lovely collection of photos 🙂

  3. Single Married Mum

    December 5, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Your photos are stunning! What a walk. Love the cobweb and the sun catching the frosty bough.

  4. I love the cobweb in particular. Very seasonal x

  5. great photos – I love the padlock a lot and the spiders web is stunning!

  6. Love love these. I too love the padlock, just because it’s so out of the ordinary. Worth having a dog for alone 🙂

    • I think it’s the green on the padlock which adds something to it, you and I both know that having a dog is great for dragging you outside every day

  7. What fantastic shots! Love the spider web

  8. Its weird my eyes went straight to the frosted padlock – very pretty in an odd way because its not a nature shot.

  9. Love the early morning walks on frozen ground with my frisky dog – so much better than the mud. Great shots.

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