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My little lizard baby

Henry has reached a stage which I like to call the lizard period, the time in all babies lives where they decide that the best place to keep their tongue when not in use for feeding is outside of their mouth. Perhaps it’s their way of rebelling against being ‘normal’, why should they keep their tongue in their mouths? Why not put it outside so that everyone can see just how good their tongue is?

Perhaps it’s a boy thing, where the dominant boy baby is the one with the biggest tongue? Or maybe it’s because they are starting to take an interest in food and they are tasting the air just like a lizard, trying to sense when there is an opportunity to get their little hands on a rice cake or two?

Whatever it is, Henry at the moment mostly looks like this:

Or sometimes like this:

Or even like this:

My little chubby boy, growing and changing fast. Rolling over like a pro already, think we may have a crawling baby by Christmas and then the fun really begins!


  1. He is SO gorgeous, lizard or not! Those little twinkly eyes spell mischief though….!

  2. Lyra Bailey-Barnes

    November 3, 2012 at 10:35 am

    Wow, he looks so much like you 🙂 what a gorgeous boy! I find the “letting-the-tongue-hang-out-whenever” stage so funny and adorable!!

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