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Cloth nappies – the dad’s guide

Here at the manor we are a whole 2 days into using cloth nappies and so far there has only been one leaking incident. Not too bad at all.

We said when Matilda was born that we would buy cloth nappies once she was a month or 2 to give us chance to adjust to being parents. Then we realised trying to use them while in a camper van for 3 weeks in New Zealand with Matilda aged 5 months wasn’t going to be very easy so delayed it a bit more. Then of course we found out that the lady of the manor was expecting Henry, so we told ourselves that we’d best wait for him to be born before trying.

So here we are with Henry 5 months old and Matilda 18 months and we’ve finally taken the plunge. The £80 a month being spent on nappies gave us the painful nudge to just get on with it. With the lady of the manor’s maternity pay reducing by the month and ending soon there really was no logical reason not to.

Combined with the lady of the manor’s day out as a blogger at Born we felt armed with enough information to choose from the vast array of brands, styles and materials. Which actually once you start looking a little closer really aren’t that different. You choose the broad style you want and then decide whether it’s really worth an extra £50 or not to buy the lovely fluffy on the outside ones. Or at least that was my decision process.

We bought a massive box of Close Pop-In nappies that come in a beautiful selection of colours, some probably better at hiding the exploding poo stains that others and all giving a slight hint that if Henry keeps growing at this rate he may well have an arse too big for them. Incidentally purple gets my backing as most likely to hide the poo stains with dark green a close second.

The lady of the manor seemed particularly excited at the prospect of being able to prefold and stack all the nappies ready for use, I think it appeals greatly to her OCD ways. I’m thinking also we should install a dispenser for them much like the sloping one in McDonalds where they put the burgers. Or even better some sort of utility belt to wear to allow quick fire nappy changes.

Despite my worse fears the whole process isn’t too bad, sure you need to be happy pulling apart wee sodden nappies to go in a bag and then at some point later taking them out of the bag again and into the washing machine. Plus I have so far successfully avoided dealing with a poo filled nappy.

Perhaps we can put that £80 a month towards something more useful now. Like wine.



  1. My vote goes to wine too. Have you got a wetbag? Because then you don’t have to get them out of the bag again. You just push the nappies into the washing machine as you reverse the bag and put the bag in with the wash. Done and dusted.

    • Yeah we do have one of those bags, still get to pull apart the wet nappy to go in it though don’t you? That’s just me being a bit squeamish though, not really room for that with 2 babies 🙂

  2. I read the previous article on cloth nappies and just boggled at how advanced they’ve become in the last 12 years! We used terry cloth nappies for our first 3 kids – simple squares of cloth with a liner and plastic outer pants. A bucket with a lid for soaking them, that lovely stuff “Napisan” to deal with the worst of the smell… Wow, that brings back memories. The cry of “Code Brown” when you undid the babygro and saw what had leaked…

    You’ve got it easy with these shaped things!

  3. yay for moving over to cloth! Admittedly at first I felt I needed tongs to avoid handling the evil smelling things, BUT I think don’t think twice about showering huge poops off and taking them apart to go in the bucket. The smell still gets me though! acid wee.. yum! … a word of advise, don’t put essential oils in the bucket in the hopes to mask it,… it doesn’t work- tea tree & stale wee do not make for a good combo and there’s no way to fix it! lol .. good luck! – Fern xx

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