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Listography: Top 5 things I’d like to be reincarnated as

Haven’t joined up with the listography for a while but I quite like this top 5 prompt from Kate, tells you quite a lot about someone I reckon. However not sure what my choices say about me? Here’s my top 5 things I’d like to be reincarnated as;

  1. A dog; or more specifically a springer spaniel. Have you ever watched on run about a field and then discover some water? Thesheer joy and excitement they get from the simplest things has to be amazing. Plus once you’re done with running free you just curl up and sleep. Awesome.
  2. Cheddar; think about it you get better wi
  3. th age, you just chill out with your mates all day on a nice rack AND you’re cheese!
  4. Kevin McCloud; how much fun would it be to get paid to visit people building crazy homes and ask them with a sly grin on your face “so you’ve sacked youarchitect and are project managing are you” or “you’re how much over budget now”. Shame that he has to drive a crappy Vauxhall hire car each time he visits somewhere.
  5. A fly on the wall; how many times have you said ‘I wish I could have been a fly on the wall’?Well here’s your chance, where would you go first? I’d head straight for Downing Street, love to know what really goes on in there.
  6. Me right now; cheesy maybe but I love being 30, I earn a good wage, I’m healthy, I have 2 fabulous children and a beautiful wife. Why would I want to be anyone else really? Regrets or wishing to be someone else are just a waste of time and energy.

So there you have it, if you feel like joining in then go a link up to the other entries on Kate’s blog.


  • Carole Holland

    Hehehe I wish I had thought of being cheese. Everyone loves cheese :)

    • mutteringfool

      and people that don’t love it are just weird :)

  • Daan van den Bergh

    Hahaha, that is hilarious. Especially “Cheddar”: chill out with your mates, smelling like cheese! Who wouldn’t want that! :P

    • mutteringfool


  • Jackie K @ Working Through It

    Oh yes – who hasn’t ever felt a bit jealous of a healthy, energetic dog in a loving family? Not a bad life at all!

    • mutteringfool

      definitely and my hound in particular is so full of joy being out in the fields

  • Katetakes5

    Ha! I like the way you ended – part you part cheese (y) :)

    • mutteringfool

      No cheese in the last one, just a big softy at heart :)

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