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The Photo Gallery – Beauty

I have no doubt that I won’t be the only person posting a photo of their children for this weeks Gallery prompt, after all we all think our own kids are beautiful don’t we? Matilda has really changed in the last few weeks since she started walking, it was quite noticeable after my week away for work in particular. All of a sudden she is a little girl and not a baby any more, with this has come a real personality. Sure it was there before but now that she can move freely the expressions and body language that have come with it are fascinating.

Last Thursday when I worked from home she spent most of the morning practising her ‘running’, she’d run up and down the kitchen laughing at herself and only stopping to shoot us a smile and check we were still watching. I think this age is a really cool time to be a parent, watching them develop and grow but not yet able to talk and tell you what they really think.

It is no surprise therefore that as an already proud and snap happy dad I have been getting the camera out at every opportunity. I have to say I am also a bit obsessed with my 35mm lens, hardly ever use anything else at the moment. It takes such nice photos and it’s a fun challenge having to change the shot by physically moving rather than zooming in and out. I took this photo at a friends BBQ at the weekend, Matilda spent most of the time running around on this little bit of decking and occasionally coming over to me to say boo or do her lion’s roar.

A proud daddy behind the lens, daddy’s girl in front of it.


  1. Oh my goodness – that is such an adorable picture!

  2. She is so beautiful!

  3. That is gorgeous – love the little clip in her hair!

  4. She is simpl,y gorgeous. You’re right to be proud. I cannot wait until my six month old is at this age.
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  5. Lovely pic! My DB has recently started walking, and I totally agree with your comments about this precipitating big change!

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