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Walking the walk

The weekend was a good one, we visited friends in West Sussex for a first birthday party. There was sun, a BBQ, cake and best of all a very child friendly set up. So there we were sat under a gazebo chatting with parents and enjoying the surroundings, when Matilda let go of the chair she was standing up against and ever so casually toddled over to another one.

Just like that.


As if she’d been doing it all her life.

We may have squealed a little. The other parents looked at us like we were mental not realising it was the first time she had done it. I don’t think it’s possible to describe the feeling of excitement and pride of seeing your child walk.

That ever so cute drunken stagger in anything but a straight line. With a look of such excitement in their eyes as they realise what they are doing.

We of course then spent Sunday at home trying to get her to do it again and more importantly get a photo or video of it. Definitely easier said than done! But we managed it just about and as I’m such a proud daddy I’m going to subject you all to it also.

I give you the now walking Matilda

P.S Don’t you just love her style when walking?


  1. Well done Matilda! From stagger to swagger in an instant!

  2. That’s awseome, congratulations! Time move the breakable things another foot higher out of reach and crank up the anxiety levels as she picks up speed and distance! I feel concious of making the most of my little one not even able to crawl at the moment 😉

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