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The Fool’s photos – Morning has broken

The daily 5.45am dog walk has been a little bit easier in the last week with the beautiful sunny mornings. It’s also inspired my to take my camera with me and try to capture what is my very favourite part of the day.

I love the fresh, new feeling to mornings like this. So peaceful and full of expectation, you can feel the heat building but for now it is a very pleasant temperature. There are very few cars around and the only sound is that of pigeons cooing. A real privilege to be out there taking it all in.

So here’s a few shots from this week, in my never ending quest to actually learn about my camera I had a play around with the settings. I was desperate to get a photo of Bracken with a blurry sunny background using a low aperture. This was hard work as he never stays still! But finally managed it.

I was also trying to capture the dew on the grass being lit up by the sunlight. In this I failed, mainly I think because I really needed a tripod to take the photo so that I was still enough to avoid blur with a slow shutter speed.

Aside from changing the aperture and the ISO I’m still a way off really knowing how to use all the settings but that’s part of the adventure right?



  1. These are beautiful! What a gorgeous dog! Hope you keep having fun on your adventure! You should link up with See it Snap it Love it over at Dear Beautiful Boy where the theme is Morning.

    • Thanks have just headed over and linked up! He is a handsome dog isn’t he? But we don’t tell him that he thinks he owns the place as it is 🙂

  2. Really stunning photos. Very beautiful. Lovely colours.

  3. Early morning is one of my favorite times of day too. May you have many more early adventures with your camera and lovely pooch.

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