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I’m a versatile blogger

The lovely Jude has nominated me for a versatile blogger award, her blog is relatively new to me mainly because she only started it up again towards the end of last year. But she has a lovely blog going so do take a look if you have a few minutes.

The idea of this award is to share with you 7 random facts about me and then nominate some other bloggers who I would recommend reading. So here are my interesting and random facts:

  1. If I don’t do exercise for 3 days I turn into a big angry monster much like the incredible hulk but without the muscles.
  2. The big toe nail on my right foot falls off at least once a year, the result of a skiing ‘incident’ 10 years ago and it’s never grown back properly since.
  3. My lucky number is 28
  4. I would give up work tomorrow and run a small holding if I could find a way to pay the bills
  5. As a teenager my favourite after the pub food was a warm naan bread with mayonnaise on
  6. I played rugby from the age of 6 until I was 25, only stopping due to not wanting to give up half my weekend
  7. I’m one of 5 children, 4 boys and a girl.

Now you know some useful facts about me (remember them if you see me at Britmums Live, I will be testing) I shall nominate some people to join in,

  • Chronicles of a Reluctant House Dad; Keith is a bigger foodie than me and has some of the best/most amusing vlogs you will ever see
  • Motherventing; not sure she will have 7 more random facts than haven’t already been covered in her extensive blog posts but we’ll see.
  • Mostly Yummy Mummy; who most definitely lives up to the name and appears to live a picture perfect family life with her brood.
  • Cheetahs in my shoes; the fascinating world of the cheetahs keeper and some beautiful photos to go with it.
  • Motherhood Journeys; who has just built herself a new blog and is a fellow single malt drinker so must be alright!


  1. EEEEEWWWWW with the toenail thing. Just eeeeewwwwwwww (see you at BritMums! Yay!)

  2. Thanks for the mention – obviously you have to 😉 That big toenail sounds a bit nasty. I lost my left thumb nail once (it had an argument with a closing door) but fortunately it grew back and stayed there! J x

  3. I also say a big ewwww to the toenail thing but I would also drop everything in favour of a small holding, perhaps there’s a future commune in the making for our families?!

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