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If I was King….I’d ban boy racers

I like a rant, you know a good old release of pent up feelings about a particular topic that has got your goat on that particular minute/hour/day/week. It’s not a moan though, oh no, a moan is just complaining whereas a rant has a solution as well. It may not be feasible or well thought our but a solution none the less. So as I’m in a sharing mood I thought I would share one from this week, who knows I may even make this into a regular topic.

If I was King….I’d ban boy racers, or to be more precise stupid people who change a car to make it louder and more ridiculous looking. I would ban the sale and fitting of anything to a car which makes it lower, a different shape, louder or adds more lights.

Seriously why do people think it’s a good idea to buy an old, crappy Peugeot 206 and stick a big fat exhaust on it, some body kit and some neon lights? Why would you want to draw more attention to the fact that you are an idiot driving a crap car? Having a louder exhaust doesn’t make it drive better around the Tesco car park. The only car that can have a loud exhaust is one that makes that noise because it is a £100k supercar and says Aston Martin on the front.

If anyone is caught driving a car that breaks these rules I would confiscate their car and give them a reliant robin instead. Then lets see them fly around housing estates. Clarkson tried that and we know the result.

Here endith the rant. Agree or disagree? Stay tuned for more rants, it won’t be long I’m sure, in fact I think I’m at least 70% of the way through the entrance exam to be a grumpy old man.


  1. I laughed all the way through reading this post, I love old man rants (and yes, this was an old man rant). I have to say I agree though, I’m not sure why you’d do it. The big boy exhausts also reduce the car’s performance which on many of those old cars actually gives them all the power of a Reliant Robin.

  2. Here here my good man! I cannot agree more. Bunch of tasteless twats. Crap cars with stupid exhausts.

    I actually had a thing going with our local Police and the community council clamping down on our local wanker drivers, however, it ended up that the Police couldn’t do anything because the cars were well looked after and safe.

    In order to prove that a car is too loud, it needs to be compared to an exact model in factory condition, in order to prove that the car is louder than it was when it rolled off the production line. Of course, they don’t make the old Corsas, 201s, Civics etc so that is impossible.

    Thus we had to agree that there was nothing we could do.

    However, a can of expanding foam in the middle of the night could be fun.

    Disclaimer: I have never done that with foam, nor would I condone it 🙂

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