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Listography – my best

So this week for the listography we have to choose our 5 best, in what ever category we want. Dangerous giving free reign I reckon but here goes:

  1. Best hotel ever stayed in; hands down this is Gleneagles in Scotland. A truly amazing hotel, a massive place full of luxury and if your wallet is big enough you can do or get whatever you want. Beautiful grounds with not 1 but 3 golf courses, a shooting ground, croquet the list goes on. And the bedrooms, oh the bedrooms were magnificent, huge beds, a bathroom with a massive shower cubicle, double sinks and to top it all off a remote control fire! The best thing about the stay? It was free as I was staying there for work.
  2. Best roast; has to be pork, probably shoulder over belly but only just. All that amazing crackling and beautiful meat, served with roasties, celeriac, cauliflower cheese, cabbage and peas.
  3. Best meal in a restaurant; Christmas dinner in the Château Whistler in Whistler, British Columbia. The lady of the manor and I were in Whistler for Christmas as I was working in Vancouver for my gap year. We stayed in the cheapest place in town (the Shoestring lodge) but my parents had given us some money for Christmas dinner so we booked into the best place we could find. The lady of the manor had steak and it just melted in your mouth, I had stuffed quail which was just perfect, then we shared a desert that was a platter of chocolate deserts. So so good. Then we hopped in our clapped out car and headed back to our hostel.
  4. Best moment of my life so far; aside from the obvious 2 of my wedding day and the birth of Matilda it would be 24th September 2011. We were in New Zealand on our big adventure and had just left a motel after the worst night sleep ever. Just down the road was a must see sight of Lake Mattheson, we really weren’t in the mood for anything but dragged ourselves out of our camper van and headed for the lake. The walk around the lake was spectacular with Mount Cook reflected in the water. At the end was a coffee shop where we sat in the Sun, looking at mountains drinking flat whites and eating the best carrot cake in the world. There really haven’t been many times when we have been happier than at that moment.
  5. Best day of the week; Sunday’s, love a lazy sunday morning with boiled eggs and soldiers, Sunday love songs on the radio, tea from a pot. Then out for a dog walk in the countryside followed by a roast. Can’t wait for Matilda and the sprout to be older and doing these things with us properly.


  1. Your Sundays sound wonderful and the meal descriptions made me salivate. You seem to have a very blessed life indeed

  2. I love your best moment! And that it has stayed with you over time, where not much happened, but you appreciated the beauty and being in the moment. Wonderful.

  3. Fantastic list, mate. What a great bunch of memories. But I have to take issue with your having peas with your pork!

  4. Gleneagles sounds fantastic! A nice full nights sleep in the bed would do me :). Love the pic of you and Matilda!

  5. Nice list! Sounds rather posh ;D

  6. Love your best moment. It’s funny those time that you actually stop and take note of. Thanks for joining in.

  7. Sundays are the best – mind you so is roast pork with crispy crackling!

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