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New Years resolutions

Although I mentioned a couple of resolutions in my 2011 year in review post here, I’m linking up with a few lovely bloggers to share our resolutions. Hopefully this will help motivate us to achieve them and a little moral support is always useful.

I’ve seen a lot of people write that resolutions aren’t worth it because they get broken etc but you know what? I actually like them, I think it’s a really positive thing that at the start of a new year you sit back and think what you want to do differently or what you want to achieve. Otherwise the year will fly past and will be the same as all the others. However the resolutions do need to be meaningful, personal and specific, not just ‘lose weight’ because that’s what people do at this time of year.

So here in all their glory are my big 3 resolutions for the year.

  1. Get our finances in order; this has to be top priority, we’ve made some good progress in 2011 but with the sprout due in May we really need to get ourselves firmly in the black. I’d love for the lady of the manor to be able to stay at home as much as possible when her maternity leave ends in 2013 and the only way this will be possible is if we pay off debts and start saving. We did some planning last week and by the summer we should have got rid of our credit card, overdraft and car loan. So perhaps for the first time since I graduated in 2005 we may be properly in the black with some savings.
  2. I’m a pretty healthy person but I do have a sweet tooth and love food, I’m never going to be the person that eats just salad as I enjoy eating good food too much. We eat a pretty balanced diet and almost zero junk food or takeaways but I think 2 simple changes will help. First I want to cut out refined sugar as much as possible, this does funny things to your body, serves no nutritional benefit and gives you rapid highs and lows. Second I will make more effort with vegetarian meals, we do eat a lot of veg but generally just steamed etc. Time to get a bit more imaginative and make them the main component of a meal a few days a week.
  3. Finally after not really running for most of 2011 due to back problems I intend to return to my running. I’m going to start planning some trail races and also like the idea of entering Cani-x which is trail running with your dog. Bracken is a very willing runner and loves coming out, we regularly do 5 miles together no problem at all. By the end of the year I’d like to have done a 1/2 marathon off road and plan a big adventure race for 2013. Trying to do too much more in 2012 is silly because the 6 months or so after the sprout is born are going to be pretty busy and tiring.

What do you think? Good resolutions? Achievable? I hope so and need to make sure to keep thinking back to these during the year. Finally please take a look at my fellow bloggers and their resolutions, if you want to join in feel free to link up also and let me know:

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  1. Hi !
    These are fab resolutions :)….I especially love the idea of running with Bracken. I love running too and I also walk dogs for a living ( amongst other things ! ) so how perfect would that idea be for me !
    I wish you every good luck with your goals for 2012 and your new arrival xx

  2. Great resolutions and it sounds like more than enough for 6 months! Congrats on baby on the way 🙂

    To help with the veggie meals, we have a veggie lasagne normally once a week and I chuck in a load of different veg including leeks, mushrooms, carrots, courgette, aubergine and onions. It’s very tasty and my little boy loves it.

    Good luck with keeping them all and Happy New Year!

    J x

  3. They all sound good to me. Being in the black with no debt other than a mortgage is a good place to be. It’s worth the hard work so go for it.

    Food? Yeah, always strive for more interesting meals. Food can rock AND be good for you.

    Fitness? Goes with your second resolution hand in hand. I hope you manage it.

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