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The Gallery – my awesome photo

I like this prompt, it’s not show us your best photo, the best artistically or technically, it’s what is the most awesome photo you have taken for whatever reason. For the first time doing the gallery I’m also going to use a photo for a second time, you see when I think of all the photos I’ve taken there is one that I love the most, one that I go back to and look at again and again, one that I say to myself ‘that is pretty damn cool’. I think it’s awesome, I hope you do to:


  1. It’s beautiful – unusual colours and draws you right in.

  2. Wow, very pretty. Would look gorgeous on a wall!

  3. I like the line of light down between the trees – is it Regent’s Park?
    Crikey, I just noticed that you have snow on your website too! What is going on – everyone’s got it but me!

  4. I love this photo. the light and texture is wonderful. It is an inviting photo. I want to walk down this road and discover what lies at the other end x

  5. wow! this is magical. *this* is where i want to take the little bird to try out her christmas present this year (roller boots!). be a long drive from birmingham though!

  6. Oh I love it! I want to walk down it all rugged up! It’s a winter wonderland!

  7. A brilliant picture where you want to step into it – the ‘snowfall’ adds to it too!

  8. Oh magnificent! That would be an ace pic anyway, the snow and ice just adds that extra something. Love it 🙂

  9. It’s beautiful, I’d like to take that one myself

  10. Wow, what an amazing photo.

    We have Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire near us which has a tree lined road similar to this. I must get out and take a photo if it snows this year!

  11. Oh, I like the frostiness of it. Gorgeous. x

  12. What a magical photo! I love it, makes me want to skip down the path

  13. wow I love it! It looks like it has come straight off a christmas card… (the snow just adds to the effect!)

  14. Wow, what an atmospheric photo! Just mesmerizing…

  15. Stunning! This is one of my Favs so far! It would make great Christmas cards! Love it!

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