It’s been a while since I posted a running dad update and that’s for one simple reason, I haven’t run for 6 weeks. I’ve thought about it. A lot. But as I described here I managed to tweak my back pretty badly so am now in the recovery phase.

In the week following hurting my back I was happy just to get walking again let alone running, strong painkillers helped, having a 4 month old baby at home didn’t. I also learned 2 pretty important things in the week after ‘the incident’. 

  1. Pain killers do not agree with me, sure they helped with the pain, but they very quickly made me very negative verging on depressed. I am an eternal optimist, a glass half full kind of guy. I don’t get upset very often or very angry and whenever I do I very quickly shake it off. But when taking these painkillers I quite honestly was not fun to be around. Thankfully I identified this myself (well maybe with a few hints) and despite still being in pain took myself off them after 6 days.
  2. If I don’t run I get depressed very quickly, I need exercising at least every other day. Nothing extreme, doesn’t need to be a marathon or anything, but enough to get my heart going and release some of those wonderful endorphins. Given this you can imagine how I feel now 6 weeks later and still not being able to run. No doubt I have started to annoy the lady of the manor with my fidgeting. Thankfully I can manage the exercise bike and that’s my saving grace.

All in all this fool has not been in a happy place for a while, but I have started to have treatment from a chiropractor which appears to be helping. The plane I’m currently sat on for 10 hours is probably undoing that goodness though. I have to say I really didn’t know what to expect from a chiropractor and the bending and prodding from the first session was much like the episode of Friends where Ross does a massage when Phoebe isn’t around and ends up using kitchen utensils. I didn’t have that but there was a deep tissue electric massager, an activator and various wedges to re-arrange my spine. There was also a significant amount of bending and cracking of bones, a first class demonstration of no pain, no gain.

And the verdict from this first treatment? I am essentially being treated as though I have just given birth. Yes that’s right I have the same symptoms as a woman who has just had a baby. I have a twisted pelvis and a weak pelvic floor. Now I know I have written in the past about men’s bodies showing signs of being sympathetic to their pregnant wives but surely this is taking things too far? 

Whatever the reason I am now doing pelvic floor exercises at every opportunity (using the lady of the manors birthing ball!) and about to start doing Pilates. Hopefully soon I will be able to start running in some form but will continue to get my endorphin fix through the exercise bike and swimming until that’s possible. 

This also means that my aim to run the endurance life trail series is on hold, the first event is in November so if I’m back running by October I will probably give it a go. If not then I’ll just have to find some other crazy race to do. I CANNOT WAIT.