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My perfect… weekend

Here I am sat on a plane cruising at 34 thousand feet en route to San Francisco for work, strangely enough my very first blog post was written in a similar position last year. Going on these trips gives you a lot of time to mull things over and inevitably you start to reflect on life. This got me to thinking, being on this plane on a Sunday isn’t my first choice of weekend activity, so what is? What would make the perfect Sunday?

So here it is the fools perfect Sunday, does it match with yours?

First or all it would be an autumnal day, the sort where its wet underfoot but blue skies overhead, chilly but not cold, where warm coats, wellies and wooly hats are the order of the day. 

The day would begin with the lady of the manor and I being woken by the pitter patter of a couple of little elephants entering the room (don’t worry we haven’t had another baby and not told you, but a perfect weekend for me doesn’t involve just Matilda, I want a big family to share it with). No doubt the little elephants would then join us in bed and daddy will be dispatched to make tea and feed the hound.

We’d then all head for kitchen where I’d make one of my legendary breakfasts; we’re talking American pancakes, bacon, sausage, lashings of golden syrup, orange juice, strong coffee, perhaps even a boiled egg or 2 and some chunky pieces of bread to mop it all up. 

Clearly with a belly full of food there is only one thing to do now and that’s a big walk with the dog through a forest. The children can search for the ultimate stick and climb trees while Bracken chases anything that moves. We can walk in streams and play hide and seek amongst the trees, we can compete to find the biggest pine cone and I’ll take my camera to try and get a few more shots for the photo album

Once suitably tired out it’s back home to change into pajamas and have hot chocolate while snuggling on the sofa with the lady of the manor, Bracken will be on there also of course, having a good cuddle after his walk. There will be a fire going and a movie on the TV. I’m thinking The Polar Express or Nanny McPhee or maybe even Dumber and Dumber, I’ll get a roast dinner going with all the trimmings, probably a chicken or if we’ve been prepared a slow roast shoulder of lamb.

The day will finish with hot baths and then a story in bed read by daddy. Then the lady of the manor and I can relax with a glass of wine. 

Does it sound too idyllic? Too much like a photo from a Boden catalogue? I hope not, I know the lady of the manor shares my dream and it feels like this ‘perfect’ weekend is within touching distance. Another child or 2, a house move and we’re there. We already have the hunter wellies, barbour jacket and springer spaniel…..

So do you agree? Or is this the perfect description of your nightmare weekend?


  1. That’s pretty much my ideal weeken too. Minus the lamb. Although for us it’ll probably just be one child. But other than that that sounds wonderful. We too have the Barbours and are about to get the wellies. We also live right next to a river and woods so that can be ticked off the list. Depending on work we may get a dog too. S’all good 🙂

    Enjoy the trip.

  2. This actually made me well up a little, this is my perfect Sunday! My partner agrees and with Autumn on the way I think it will happen.

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