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10 things you don’t know about me

Tom has tagged me in this meme that is doing the rounds, the idea being to share things with your readers that they might not know about you. An interesting meme this one and I think probably one that is going to be harder to answer than it looks. So here we go, 10 things that you most probably don’t know about me;

  1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up, I also wasn’t going to under any circumstances be stuck in an office. That went according to plan didn’t it? If I won the lottery today though I would immediately buy a small holding and grow some pigs.
  2. I’ve had lots of nicknames growing up, especially given that I played rugby from the age of 6 so you inevitably get lots of banter. The most random was ‘necky’, for no other reason than someone once shouted at me “oi you, the one with the neck” and that was it, I was now necky for the next 5 years.
  3. Given the choice Walkers Prawn Cocktail would be more first choice of crisp every time
  4. I broke the big toe on my right foot skiing 10 years ago; my toe nail has never grown properly since. It falls off at least once a year and is wonky.
  5. I own a Playstation 3 but have never played a game on it; instead we use it to watch TV via Play TV or movies.
  6. I lived in Vancouver for a year when I took a gap year aged 19. It was an awesome year working in a private school teaching PE in the day and skiing at the weekends. Vancouver is in my top 3 places I would consider emigrating to.
  7. It really pisses me when people assume it is ok to shorten my name to Ben from Benjamin. No problem being called Ben just the assumption that it should be shortened.
  8. The dress code to our leaving event from Sixth Form was smart dress, so I wore a smart dress.
  9. When I was 15 I had my one rebellious moment and died my hair black, if you look at a photo of me you can see that this is about as far from my natural colour as you can get. My motivation was that I wanted to have black hair with blonde roots, the exact opposite of all the losers bleaching their hair and having blonde hair with black roots.
  10. I proposed to my wife in the ruins of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall because legend says that is where King Arthur proposed to Guinevere. I know, very romantic and enough romance for at least 10 years right?

So what do you think? Freak or unique?


  1. No 7 – yikes. I’m sure I’ve called you Ben, although to be fair everything you’ve signed off has been with the name Ben so that’s my excuse! Good stuff though – like the neck one 🙂

  2. 4, this is exactly the kind of information I was afraid of.
    8, how do I not have a picture of this?! I’m searching my 6th form leavers pictures now – I’m sure I was there!
    9, a – you forgot to mention that you did it on year book picture day. b – want me to attach the picture so people know what you’re talking about?!!

  3. haha v funny!!! “Necky” hahaha

  4. Nice one Necky! I believe I’ve called you Ben before too – sorry about that mate!

  5. Pissed myself laughing at the ‘Oi, you with the neck’ anecdote. Perhaps time for another Twitter name-change? TheNeckTweets?
    Envious of your Vancouver experience. I spent a week there and thought it was one of the best cities in the world.
    Great list, Benjamin.

  6. Pray tell (won’t let me reply to your reply) was this ‘smart dress’ teamed with trainers?

  7. Do you really want me to share?

  8. Great list Ben ! *ducks to avoid a newspaper swatting*

  9. My OH has dodgy nails like yours. He is a mental footy fanatic and manky feet. I’d never seen nails fall off before I met him, urgh. Very interesting list Benjamin 😉

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