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The minute that erased a week

As I’ve written before being a commuter when you have a little baby at home is hard, I leave at 7am and get home at 6.30pm at the earliest each day. Which means I can often go 3 or 4 days without actually seeing my daughter awake. This gets pretty depressing sometimes and last week was one of those weeks, mega busy at work with lots of meetings and then home to find Matilda fast asleep. I do enjoy my job and also like that it pays well enough to take some of the financial pressure off us meaning that the lady of the manor doesn’t have to work so much. But that doesn’t always make up for missing out on seeing my little girl develop and change.

However yesterday in less than 60 seconds all these complaints and thoughts disappeared, One magical moment together as a family and everything was forgotten, this was what being a parent was all about. These are the moments I want to be there for and this is little peek into the fun and excitement we are going to have as a family in the future.

I challenge anyone not to have a beaming smile after watching this.


  1. Aw, lovely. Giggles are the best.

  2. That’s a lovely video mate. I can’t wait to do stuff like that too. Lovely dog as well 🙂

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