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This weekend has been all about daddy which has been awesome and much needed after a week when I barely saw my wee girl. It also gave us the first opportunity to take Matilda out in her shiny new rucksack carrier and she loved it. To begin with she just had a look of bemusement on her face as if to say ‘well I’ve never had this view before but you can sure see a lot from here AND I’m upright which is fab’. There was no crying, no moaning just some very contented murmurings and then she had a little snooze.

The purchase was also perfect timing, Matilda is strong enough to sit in this sort of carrier and walking the dog at the weekends was getting a little boring as we had to go places where we could take a push chair. Now we can finally get back to our big weekend walks, preferably ones that go via a pub or café as all good dog walks do.

I’d been looking forward to this moment for a long time, this is a proper dad’s job, one that needs strength and endurance, one where being tall is more exciting and one that involves buying new gear. Oh yes, choosing new equipment, especially outdoor equipment has to be a role for me. I know all there is to know about waterproof materials, bladders, zips and how to adjust straps to be comfortable. I’ve (literally) trained for this moment and I can say with 100% certainty that the carrier we bought is the best money can buy.

You see dear reader this isn’t just any rucksack carrier, no this is a Phil and Ted’s Escape ruck sack carrier. Quite honestly I have never been more impressed with an item of baby equipment. It has waist, shoulder and chest straps all of which are fully adjustable so you can match both the size of you waist and the length of your back. It has a compartment to put a bladder in so you can keep hydrated, this is also accessible by your child so they can have a drink on the move. On the back is a detachable day ruck sack which can be used for storage either on or off the carrier. It has a fold out stand so you can put the rucksack on the ground with your child still in it when you sit down saving you moving them in and out. It has a detachable hood which will keep the sun off and when it rains a rain cover to keep them dry. If that wasn’t enough it has another large storage pocket, 3 or 4 smaller ones, a zip pocket in the waist strap for a phone or keys. It even comes with a small mirror in the waist strap so you can see what your child is doing behind you AND there is a small changing mat tucked into the frame.

All in all an amazing piece of kit that will be getting a lot of use of the coming months.

Oh and it matches both our car and the push chair, it’s all about the colour coding….

P.S This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love this carrier and wanted to share. But if Phil and Ted’s need an official reviewer then they know where I am.


  1. Feck me sideways that’s pricey! Looks very nice though. I see us getting one as well – after a little saving 🙂

    • Well I certainly didn’t pay full price for it, managed to get it for £128.
      It is pretty expensive, but actually if you look what else is available anything cheaper is pretty basic with many of the features I like about this one. We’ll get the use out of it walking the dog and for subsequent children, clearly not the same for everyone though…

  2. Looks good but as first comment said, a bit pricey (even when you don’t pay full price). I’ll definitely be taking a closer look at this one now.

    • As I said above I think it’s a good investment if you will use it, we get out for long walks a least twice every weekend so will definitely see the value. Plus for future children also.

  3. It does look very smart, a very dad equipment I think! She sounds like she was very comfy in there.

  4. She sure was and definitely the best thing with have bought for her yet.

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