Mutterings of a Fool

Man, Dad, Runner, Chief dog walker

The gallery – my backyard

Full of life, full of spring

Full of the anticipation of what summer will bring

Fluttering butterfly’s, buzzing bees

Pigeons cooing in the trees

Runner beans growing up their poles

Oh look, Bracken has dug yet another hole

The BBQ is on and we’re full of cheer

So pull up a chair and grab yourself a beer.

It’s taken some time and an awful lot of sweat, but finally our garden is a nice place to sit and drink a beer or 3. Here’s the before and after shots, what do you think?

DSC_0003DSC_0007 (2)

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  1. Wow – poetry as well! where do your talents begin?!

    Beautiful garden, too! It’s a wonder you have any time to actually work! (and by ‘work’ I obviously mean tweet)

  2. the man’s a poet! amazing!
    nice space, would love a garden like that, perfect size – really like the little building at the end – is it a garage or a shed? or some sort of retreat?

    • It’s not bad is it, although no doubt the dog would appreciate a bigger one! The buliding is our garage, but the previous owners got 90% of the way to converting it into a garden office. We just use it as storage for now, but may consider setting up an office or something in the future.

  3. Great post, and love the garden too

  4. Love the poem! Hope you get many fine days to sit and enjoy watching bubs rolling and crawling on the grass 🙂

  5. It was lovey before but even lovlier after!

  6. Oh yes very impressive!! How do you have such a nice lawn with a springer lol>!!??

    • Well, that was when it had just been laid! There were a fair few bare patches after a winter of him weeing, but now he’s older he goes much less so easier to manage. Thankfully he doesn’t dig very often….

  7. The Rambling Pages

    May 25, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Wow what a difference! I bet you love having a BBQ and beer in your garden now and get a great deal of satisfaction

  8. Oh very nice. I like the raised bed.

  9. wow, that looks like a very nice garden to sit and drink beer in 🙂

  10. Lovely poem, and a really nice garden 😉 @Kahanka

  11. A beer? Well it’s a bit early, but oh go on then. Your garden looks beautiful and so neat! It may have been hard work but it was definitely worth it. Great pictures.

  12. WOW! You have worked hard. Enjoy your beautiful garden and keep sharing your poetry x

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