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A year of celebration – the gallery

 The prompt for this weeks gallery is celebrations, while I do of course have many photo’s of the usual suspects i.e. birthday’s, weddings, parties etc I realised that actually this has been a year of celebration for the good lady and I. So in no particular order, the reasons I’ve had to celebrate this year:

  • Bought our first house (a fab Victorian terrace)
  • Got our first dog (the beautiful Bracken, an english springer)
  • Managed to get promoted in April and get a company car allowance, which meant buying my dream car (a Mitsubishi Outlander aka the fire engine) and finally getting rid of the £500 banger we’d been driving since selling our previous car to fund the house purchase.
  • The lady of the manor got pregnant with our first child, due in April 2011
  • Successfully applied for new job at the same company and in the process of changing as we speak
  • My sister in law gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy in November

So as you can see a pretty cool year all in all with lots more to celebrate in 2011. But what about the photo’s right? Well I’ve spent many hours since buying the house renovating and improving. The most exciting part of which was discovering an original tiled floor under concrete in the hallway, so here are the before, during and almost after photos! Just giving it a good clean up and re-seal now…


  1. Golly- what a busy year, and what a gorgeous hallway!

  2. My my – we have been busy haven’t we?! AND started a blog too! I can’t believe that didn’t make your list 😉

  3. Oh! I. Want. your. floor. That is gorgeous, what a wonderful find.

  4. You have been busy, congratulations on it all, especially the floor 😉

  5. What a busy year and what a fabulous discovery of the tiled floor!

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